Why Does Anyone Believe Anything On TikTok

Publicado el 15 ene 2021
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  • I don’t believe everything on TikTok. The vampire thing there’s a contraption thing that goes in your mouth and you press down or up in your mouth and the teeth come out

    • There’s a girl on TikTok showing how to use them


  • 1:08 danny could be vambire and we no know XDddddddD

  • who else here is an Aries? cuz dr. Phill is

  • I would never hate on anyone cause that’s so not me but... Craig’s lips look like if a carp tried to make out with a vacuum cleaner and that’s what it looked like after I love sarcasm

  • "i could compel you, but i won't" hey, come be a man and compel me

  • Who is this greg????!!!! Is she your wife??

  • She is not local, she is T I K T O K

  • Ava: I got Chanel that cost more then your rent Me: That sounds like someone *cough* *cough*, Lil Tay *cough*

  • Nobody's gonna talk about how she wrote promise like 'promiss'?

  • danny i drew u and its gooooooood pls how can i show u

  • Wh...why the fuck did Dr Phil feel the need to put her butt up on the board while she was talking? Like I get that they're public and she's kind of a shit person, but that seems like...I dunno, borderline humiliation tactic?

  • Omg she’s the ‘all the guys in my phone’ girl 😂😂

  • Her name is Ava (not saying her last name because she'll probably sue me or some bs) and Google listed her as a musical artist? Soory, but can you call her music "art"? Just give her some laxative tea and leave Google come on

  • I think giving Craig the free stuff was them trying to say she's fat or something.

  • wait if vampires dont exist, then what about your vampire dad ☹️

  • So I've only watched one episode of Dr.Phil and that was the one- I just thought she was a crazy lunatic.

  • people like that girl are so annoying, like they just want attention even if it's negative attention

  • He should react to wild child

  • honestly kinda sad that craig is not gonna be having any future. she'll just grow old and wrinkly with nobody caring or remembering her


  • go to Ryan Trahan's channel and you'll find that girl

  • Your shirt bothers me

  • Does your sister call you Clay?

  • Did this girl just say - I get free laxative teas SOMEONE HELP HER lmao

  • Danny vampire are real your vampire dad?

  • I can only imagine 2 vampires trying to describe how each other look and to it make even better they try to draw each but they have the artistic skill of toddlers

  • Bc it’s kids

  • if vampires are ageless, and people write them as teens or adults, does that mean female vampires birth like 5-6ft beings? haha

  • Vampires don’t show up on camera 🤭

  • she looks like when i left my barbie next to the heater too long

  • I’m a Greg now

  • Gregs the real fight has come!!!!!!!!!

  • The girl that said that always makes those lie videos

  • *danny trying to convince people vampires aren’t real? Sir you are literally aging backwards*

  • anyone else kinda getting danny is a vampire vibes?

  • The political side is way to biased to be even seen as political, its more like propaganda

  • danny's secretly a vampire and he's trying to cover it up lol

  • Duh dont people know that vampires don't show up in cameras

  • my name is ava...might change it now 😍😍

  • Idk why everyone belive things on tik tok?

  • Craig 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • I got an add for Tik Tok before this video


  • Clout chasing locals is my Drake ska-cover band.

  • Ava Louise

  • I feel like this girl is not serious in this, she’s like Trisha, a troll. But that doesn’t mean that what she does doesn’t have negative consequences, because it definetely does.

    • i said does and doesn’t 4 times in the same sentence

  • i love that so far in danny's videos he's referenced songs from nicki minaj, meg thee stallion and doja cat and nobody else that i can recall🥴

  • ‘Touched yourself to’ Girl it’s a MEME - BYEEEEEE 💀💀💀💀 how does that even make sense???

  • 6:00 wasnt this the girl who was on Dr Phil for attention seeking? And the girl who started the covid toilet licking trend? Edit: I just watched the rest of the video and HA I FUCKING KNEW IT LMAO.

  • Craig probably has histrionic personality disorder.

  • Vampire hunters: well this is easy

  • In her "song" she fat shames people like...alot

  • don’t even tell me skinny legend anthem doesn’t slap

  • Me who didn’t believe the jeffree thing spsbdisndb

  • that girl gives me HEAVY toga himiko vibes i think it's the voice or the fact that toga would also do all of this

  • It’s so funny how people wanna be her even though everyone inspires to not be her 😂

  • She took 'being insecure' to damn another level.

  • Wow you are

  • Her source was as follows: Trust Me Bro 😎

  • Yeah my eyes glow oh yeah....my fangs big and me speed Me: ....ŵöŵ ITS EDITED AND HES...using effects

  • It spread like the grassfire that happened by my house last week

  • when do we refer to c0vid as pass tense

  • Wow I hate people

  • I died when the girl said she was annoyed that covid was getting more attention then her like no body likes corona and it slowly killing our economy wtf is this girl on.

  • @3:36 lmaooooo

  • Is it just me or did he take the part where where she glorifies eating disorders out?? It was a weird cut

  • Juicy juicy yhu eat dat lunch. MM, YUH

  • That’s sad that she wants to be more famous than covid, LIKE GIRL NO YOU DONT WANNA BE MORE FAMOUS THAN COVID

  • free laxative teas :)

  • Honestly, if your having a bad day, just watch Danny because he’s hilarious

  • 11:43 I Cannot

  • I agree with you They believe everything If you say I can fly they will believe it

    • My stupid friends believed the Jeffrey star and Kanye west situation

  • I just got an ad of a character from elmo streat falling from the sky

  • Look at jaden spirtz hes terrible

  • This could be Drew and we wouldn’t even know

  • Nah I kinda respect her hustle

  • I'm just here for the jokes lol

  • I mean seriously you're the best

  • You think someone would really do that? Just go on the internet and lie??

  • Garbage human being

  • does this video have music behind it, I've never noticed it before and I feel like I'm imagining it

  • I'm gonna change her name so she doesn't get more famous. Me: Yea makes no difference to me

  • Okay just me or did you have no idea that Kim and Kanye were getting a divorce and it's literally been months, how'd I miss out on that one

  • she spelt promise wrong in "My source is legit" and people still believed her.

  • The belligerent shadow simulteneously undress because news invariably copy aside a historical improvement. chief, thankful america

  • Is that second chick the one from Doctor Phill?? Edit: lmao did not watch the whole video lmaooo

  • 10:29 Clip it

  • Just forget the fact camera's can't see vampires...

    • @Spike Well said

    • Nor can people. Because vampires don't exist

  • Her sources were: Dude trust me

  • Even the news was talking about her licking a toilet on an airplane 💀

  • You left her name in video

  • i ate pasta for too long and i almost threw up pasta while watching this

  • Vampires can't even be near sunlight. Like damn dude he should at least be aware of common tropes. Edit: Danny, you shouldn't roast Craig so much! You might melt the plastic!

  • I'm xd james

  • i honestly love her song

  • Is it bad that I kinda like her? Like who is she hurting, Jeffrey? Kanye? Who cares. She’s so ridiculous she has to be doing it on purpose.

  • the bar for getting sent free stuff on instagram is literally below the ground....someone sent me free fake eyelashes from china when i had like 300 followers 😂 and like it was sweet, i appreciate it, but i have no illusions that that makes me an influencer

  • I didnt know that song was from her im now going to delete all socials now

  • 9:35 forgot to change it to craig.