Why Did KFC Make A Romance Movie

Publicado el 20 dic 2020
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  • 14:45 is my favorite thing in the entire world

  • It sounds like my fanfiction in wattpad 😅...I paired up Niall Horan to an oily grill...

  • I want “Secret’s out, chicken man” written on my tombstone.

  • Wait she looks to young to be with harlin

  • “A film by Jean” who the hell is Jean!?

  • The KFCCU

  • Holy Greg he looks like an animated guy

  • Btw, it’s (GEAR-A-DELI) for the chocolates.

  • He should react to wild child

  • Wowzers

  • I don’t know when this happened, but this video has become my comfort video.

  • who is greg?

  • Danny's shirt: "bowling" me: *pauses video* isnt bowling spelled bouling? bwling? *cant read and gives up*

  • This is starting to look a lot like the beginning of The Titanic

  • Kcu

  • the colonel's tie looks like a stick body

  • 12:26 you could say billy is gira-ballin’

  • Reminds me of the fact that they have a KFC dating Simulator

  • 9:58 didn't he say they should get married to solve their financial problems?

  • Kfc im lovin it parapapapap no offense

  • Been subscribed for years, never been called Greg and don’t have a dump truck. Starting to think this might not be the fastest growing army. Might look it up 🤔

  • Q

  • film by: J E A N

  • I just realized that why is the mom so mad at her liking the chef when he's an up and coming chef and p well off

  • 🥵😳

  • Ive been holding off on watching this video. I’m ready.

  • Mr garrison + baldi = garibaldi

  • blasphemy

  • In Italy they would end you if you didn’t know who Garibaldi was.

  • When he says “I found him” then eats the chicken nugget it sounds like he made Harland into nuggets hahhahah 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Funfact in philippines (which is my country😀) we have a grandpa here he is an actor ans he looks like the owner of kfc

  • There are 24,000 kfcs in the entire world danny. Your welcome.

  • 11:27 "signed CHJ" ....cursive.....its an uppercase S in cursive, danny

  • They made a visual novel and they're so funny I love them😭

  • Men just really like to grab biceps. Doesn’t matter the gender.

  • Yes Colonel Harland Sanders initials are CHJ

  • A hot sexy fried chicken HORROR movie.

  • The Colonel's weird frosty hair is SO WEIRD

  • W-where was he holding that drumstick before he bit into it

  • I did not know that w h a t

  • I just realize something this review is longer than the actual movie

  • Why do I feel bad for Billy LOL

  • your father left you nothing but a pile of debt and you hate your boyfriends sounds a lot like rose from titan

  • Fun fact if you watched food that built America you’re already gonna know this but the original l colonel sanders when a rival business just started to spray painting and messing up their kfc sign he shot them with a shotgun with a few other people that worked with him and apparently the rivals brought shotguns so they had a real shotgun fight and you guessed it The colonel won.

  • If you think this movie is bonkers, have you tried the KFC dating simulator?

  • Your mom tries to murder the person you love ( Slap her ) (Divorce )

  • I- Is that Mario Lopez????????? As Colonel Sanders????????

  • I watched this with my mother and she theorized that billy was the creator of Popeyes (the restaurant chain not the sailor) and I think that is important

  • 1:31-1:42

  • "sexy chicken man." h-hawks!?!?

  • Looks like Plankton is back on the case again

  • Fun fact colonel sanders killed a man not even making that up.

  • I listened to a whole podcast episode about this lmao s/o Unmade Podcast

  • Those who are curious; Ghirardelli is with pronounced with “g” as in “gone”, Garibaldi was an Italian general, kind of like Napoleon to the French, but a bit later

  • This video is longer than the actual movie

  • Just found out that billy in this movie is the voice of BRAD from My Life as a Teenage Robot?????

  • when I'm with ANY of my friends/classmates I NEVER shut up. When I'm with my hockey academy friends I'm more shy then that main cook guy. like I only talk to the hockey academy coaches and teachers lol. I just am usually the opposite of the cook man guy thing

  • 4:25 I swear he was gonna be like Cook your own food... *And you can do that with today’s sponsor Hello Fresh* 😂

  • Lol

  • When you thought his family name was the chocolate company 🤣🤣 I lost it

  • Ah

  • We all have one thing in common: what the fuck

  • why does he look so yung and old?

  • pretty sure the whole "grabbing women by the bicep" is so common it has a tv tropes entry

  • Billy will turn into KFC in a minute if he dares to fight Colonel Sanders. He's a Colonel. He knows violence.

  • 15:24 I found him. I turned him into a piece of chicken, 🤣🤣🤣 And now I'm eating his corpse lol 🤣😂🤣

  • Funny hahah

  • 👏👏👏

  • 14:45 look at this image from a side angle and it will appear normal

  • why does chicken man look like ray diaz

  • 3:15 why he look like smth they have to make on nailed it

  • Well you think this is weird, there is a Colonel Sanders dating simulator on Steam. I wish I was joking.

  • The movie is 16:01 and his video on it is 16:54

  • "Who are you?" "jessica." "Oh my gosh!"

  • Wow, his goatee looks like a sticker Danny: His goatee looks pretty realistic uh sure

  • This video is longer than the movie itself

  • aww dude shy can be charming! im always the extroverted one in my relationships and i always find it so wholesome and sweet when guys act like that, kinda innocent and too polite for the context in which you're meeting, it's not all suave and confidence that makes chemistry

  • Wasn’t he a snowman in the commercials that were airing around then? Uhh

  • Are we gonna skip over the fact that he said possessive boyfriend not obsessive 6:40

  • secrets out chicken man

  • staaahp this is the gross police you cant do that you need to stop cause this is getting weird this is getting gross

  • Me trying not to die of laughter when kfc man showed up-

  • why does only KFC get a movie? WHAT ABOUT TACOBELL!!!!!

  • how do I watch this masterpiece...

  • So he’s he’s not a colonel? Just Sanders? That sounds gross

  • “We are about to lose our house to the bank -oh! Here is our new resident executive chef”.

  • Dany's applause 🤣😩

  • Alright Danny, play the Sanders dating game that his character's shyness was inspired by

  • Not me eating KFC while wachting

  • well now we know that danny can’t read cursive

  • Well looks like everyone is feeling the mc love? Wait Kernal sanders? What are you do-

  • E

  • 10:33

  • 7:35 here's a shortcut to the best part of the video

  • 10:34 this should be a meme template

  • There isn't really any seduction in the movie (thank god), so this movie is clickbait.

  • when you say 'seggsy chicken man' i think Pro Hero Hawks

  • By this point we should be glad that this time kfc collaborated with a gacha game *ahem..genshin impact ahem* and didnt make a sequal

  • 14:45 I dont know why your face there made me laugh so hard

  • Isn't he like 48