Ultimate Balance

Publicado el 16 nov 2020
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  • cool

  • "Okay... so i guess i kinda get that it helps you balance but like how does it work?" "Obviously your not from the East."

  • The website said “low price of $12” and he bought 30 so if my math is right witch I think it is this man bought $360 worth of scams

  • The website said “low price of 12 dollars” and he bought 30 so if I’m right my man bought $350 worth of scams

  • The little cord in the lower right corner lines up with my headphone cord

  • Someone did this to me in a mall when I was 6, I believed it(don’t judge I was 6) but luckily my mom saw through it.

  • “When has someone dribbling in Basketball just fallen over” Do you never seen someone break their ankles after getting crossed over?

  • Placebo bracelet

  • “When was the last time you saw a basketball player just dribbling and then just fall ove” Me:you fool ,,i do that all the time

  • Its just because after the 1. time you learn how it goes and so you do better and also its just how you think about it

  • 16:48 shift dance!

  • danny's shirt: if you can read this your too close me: well jeez step away from the camera then

  • These bracelets did not work it’s impossible it’s too stupid

  • Some times I think Danny is watching me threw the screen so I always put a blanket over me

  • Last time a saw someone play basketball and fall was last Monday (btw it was me who fell🥲)

  • I used to wear the adidas bracelets similar to livestrong

  • 5:00 bionic translplant

  • Is this a Tyler Joseph reference 😳😳😳

  • He should react to wild child

  • man, u should've tried balancing one last time without the bands and see how far you'd go

  • I'm reminded of a couple of Mr. Big centered episodes of WordGirl

  • Hi Dream~~

  • Idk why but I thought you were antpho

  • I think the bracelet did it’s job, did you see anyone losing their balance and falling over

  • Dude he should do a video about cutting The ultimate balense bracelet in half and seeing whats inside(≧▽≦)

  • Great content keep it up

  • Omg I did the same thing that had me laughing so hard 10:53

  • i disliked the dislike button

  • “Woah it goes all the way around my wrist no way... What is it” has me wheezing

  • *uses BIG BRAIN 8477382910 IQ*

  • Looc

  • isn't this a young tyler joseph reference? am i the only one who thought of that?

  • I'm from East (India) and i can confirm that we learn how to balance better in our schools. It is one of our most sacred philosophies

  • Experience the difference of knowing that you're wearing a IRENEW bracelet.

  • *E e E e E e E e E e E e E e E e E e E e E e E e E e E e E e E e E*

  • 18:32 don't mind me


  • You look like a Pokémon with all of the bands on.

  • Nothing suspicious here officer ‘tehe’ “dont eat the soup there’s blood in it”

  • W

  • They didn't bother trying to do better than the placebo affect so there solution was to BE the placebo affect. And...it worked?

  • wear alot of the braclet things then skateboard and yuoll be good at skateboarding or saometjing because balacne idk

  • Irenew sounds oddly close to irony... 🤔

  • every video ever should end with "in conclusion: .......i dunno"

  • epic gamer balance

  • this is secretly a sponsor by power balance bracelet.. nice try Danny

  • the placebo effect is sick I can make my self stronger if I just say it

  • Yes

  • the mylar hologram has traces of polonium and causes cancer lmao

  • I forgot about that lmao but I instantly knew those bands were complete bullshit when I first saw it

  • Hi mugo

  • 17:16 dang that is a LOOK

  • 1:02 immediatky pause lmao his face

  • aint those "milar holograms" the stickers they put on xbox 360 damnnn

  • Omg I remember thoseeee

  • 3,041,151

  • Wouldn't the irenew knock off you balance bc your only wearing one

  • Or it’s just based on philosophy from Boston

  • Danny Gonzalez: The Ultimate Balance



  • The people who disliked are the workers for this scam company

  • Chef on cocaine gives over enthusiastic testimonial for random bracelet

  • In other words, this is a video analysing legal loopholes.

  • danny you look so gorgeous with hoop earrings

  • It’s probably a bit of a placebo effect.

  • I can't believe this was 4 months agob

  • They focus on the Balance Part because it’s the easiest to fake

  • Your cutaways are just so violent it’s fantastic

  • Not me thinking he was gonna use the final power bracelet he bought as a cock ring

  • it's placebo. it might work for some people (NOT the people in the commercial) because they believe it works. for example if u have kids and tell them that chocolate makes a person tired they will feel tired after eating chocolate, but if u tell ur child that chocolate makes u hyper, they will be hyper.

  • My father put a card on my bike as well, it was good days

  • Bigg pp lot bracelett

  • In conclusion: *I dunno*

  • I randomly clicked through the vid and clicked on 4:24 ... needless to say I was very concerned.

  • I think the are referring to chi or chakra (the concept of body energy) when they are talking about "Based on Eastern philosophies." So 9 -Tails Naruto should be able to use it from a much farther distance.

  • if you ate the stickers, would you digest their power and become god?

  • Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots made a good parody of this way back and i had never seen the real commercial until now lmao

  • I mean technically it isn't a *total* scam. Having the bracelet on or *within three inches of your energy field* makes you focus more on your balance so ]_]

  • 4 months late but I bet they inject super soldier serum into your wrist and that’s how they make you strong and a hunk

  • I am a god I use thirteen percent of my brain

  • Danny: and for the last one, you already know where this shit's gonna go, baby! Me: 😳 Danny: *Puts it on the top of his head* Me: Oh.

  • *I've killed a lot of people.*

  • I renew me, did you renew you? Do you need a new you? I need a new me. I renew........................me. :)

  • 9:04 Danny definitely hasn't seen a James Harden Rockets game. 😂

  • What danny said about his bicycle modification is actually a true thing in psychology. When a user of a product can recognize distinct sounds it makes, they feel more satisfied with the product and / or think it does a better job. Designers make car doors have a distinct sound when you close them, they tune how loud the engine is for the driver depending on the car, and it even goes as far as vacuum cleaners. Most people opt for loud ones because they feel like it's really doing a good job, but in reality it's just a psychological thing, vacuums can be near completely silent and still have the same power, if not, more.

  • "Ya this is our merch" "Its cold"

  • wheelchair: nah wristband with shiny sticker: hell yeah

  • random thought, if dannys name wasn’t danny it would defitinely be zack. he justs looks like a zack, maybe a brandon. aight✌🏽out

  • he should’ve reviewed tyler joseph’s parody of this

  • didnt tyler joseph make a video making fun of this or am i on crack

  • Imagine if antman or other things was like this. Hank:Yeah, heres the suit i designed. Scot:O, cool... what does it do. Hank:Idk you deside im gonna make myself a sadwich.

  • E

  • I'm pretty sure those are radioactive

  • I love how every time he falls off the thing he still dedicated himself to saying one Mississippi

  • 18:41

  • ngl when he said "u already know where this is going" i thought somewhere else 🌝

  • cool

  • There literally just a brand lol. Should a just sold them just as regular bracelets lol.

  • Danny: strengh the best part! Also Danny: dosnt try the strengh