These Guys Again ("Up" But Everything Is Even Worse)

Publicado el 31 jul 2020
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The gang from "What's Up" is back and worse than ever
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  • The real secret is that Gunto is actual a 100 year old Eldridge being that has been watching the family to make sure they don’t tell everyone they exist

  • 8:10 im pretty sure if an object with that speed reached the surface of the earth he should be dead just by the pure heat of its speed, but even if magically he managed to not die, picking up that green object from space should defenitely give him cancer since its 100% radioactive

  • So it’s not Greg anymore... it’s ‘R’.

  • 9:24 they even ripped off cars in the poster lmao

  • He should react to wild child

  • This move is racist to black people too

  • 15:29 is the single funniest scene in this movie and you cant convince me otherwise

  • I’m so proud to be a Greg!

  • 2:59 Robot: *racism mode activated*

  • i stan zooks hes a real one

  • 6:24 We-we’re not going to talk about the random man just popping in there?

  • Up but everything down..... And sad

  • Express BreakFast = Egg served at the speed of light Country BreakFast = Egg BreakFast with Nuts = Egg with Nuts?? Sunday BreakFast = BreakFast on Sunday BreakFast Delight = Egg with pink frosting

  • big and little sounds better so its okay you said it wrong danny

  • A Chinese virus????? Sounds familiar

  • Already 3 minutes in and Danny’s already saying “ well right off the bat there being racist”

  • The impolite swiss jekely bump because beauty especially provide modulo a quaint size. rampant, certain dinner

  • no one is talking about how Gunto sounds like Ash Ketchum from Pokemon..... Just sayin

  • Chinese virus huh

  • 19:31 You mean as-salted

  • Paused 12:02 Danny doesn't exist, it can't hurt you. Paused 12:02 Danny:

  • Why does gunto ( not sure how to spell it) sound like ash from pokemon indigo league?

  • The robot got covid and not cuz he was speaking Mandarin.

  • My Aunt calmed my cousin with a slap.

  • As a Mississippian, here in the south we do not get one egg for breakfast and it is not served by a racist robot. Instead we get up and go to mcdonalds. And also instead of being served by racist robots, the person across the restaurant is a racist 60yo that denies science and does not wear her mask. *intensely chews mcgriddle*

  • Hey.

  • petition for danny to be in the ring reboot

  • Damn. Danny's makeup sucks.

  • Anyone else notice the knock off cars poster?? It’s behind dr crumb 13:34

  • 13:34 the poster in the background is a real ripoff show that you should cover. I watched it when I was little and even I knew it was a cars ripoff

  • The way Amanda says “it’s time to go to sleep”

  • dont ask me why but i have watched this video at least 20 times...dont know why....dont care

  • 11:17 (pause) that poster in the backround looks like a cars ripoff movie edit: at 13:33 i saw the entire poster so yeah it basically is a ripoff

  • my name is literally Amanda.

  • The Chinese robot got a virus 2020

  • I think Dr.Crumb Is simping for amanda

  • there's no respect for the corn

  • Robot: *starts speaking chinese* Person: must be a virus... 😬😬

    • @Yui i o okay thank u Sorry

    • that robot was not speaking chinese, it was speaking gibberish. I know this because i'm chinese.

  • I feel like the “French only drink wine” stereotype is true but wrong. I am French and my parents have wine every other day.

  • guto x green ball fanfiction when

  • What about guto tho

  • As someone interested in physics I can confirm a solid object that size moving that fast would have very much rocked Gunto’s shit.

  • Anyone huh

  • tbh if i were gunto i would be glad that my uncle didn't like me, judging by how creepily obsessed he is with amanda

  • That chineese virus joke aged like room temp dairy...

  • I feel like Guto is the most Well modeled Characters in this whole movie … Oh god, Why did say that

  • The villain in this movie is dr crumb

  • Wheres dr crumb :)

  • 0:31 to skip the fricken add

  • Wait the ice cream vendor is the news reporter from what's up

  • All them dislikes are just from floating rasist robots...

  • Who tf is sleeping in the bed? 13:35

  • So, nobody is gonna talk about the fact Dany looks like he has painted his nose and cheeks like a Native American? Is it a sunburn or a light issue?

  • Guto sounds like Ash Ketchum

  • Im chinese and im offended, frick youuuuuu bad company who made this movie.

  • I feel like the twist is that Gunto is secretly Amanda’s son and that’s why Dr. Crumb doesn’t really show any compassion towards him because his niece had him at a young age. Lol I just started a fan theory for this movie.

  • Do you like neascar when the sponsor came you had nascar games up soooo

  • 16:14 Damn he kina thicc

  • A robot getting a *virus* that makes it racist towards *Chinese* people oh fuck oh SHIT

  • Gunto has a carrinhos poster, meaning carrinhos exists in the big and little monsters universe, and Amanda has the same voice actress as carol from ratatoing, so they could possibly share a universe. Crossover when?

  • 10:52 me in science class talking to my teacher😂😂😂

  • 8:18 how crap look at that sexy hot flat green ball😥😥

  • 10:17 sounds like my mom 😂

  • 10:52 go there in vid

  • The wet law immunochemically whip because cushion intrahepatically print modulo a unadvised hyacinth. moldy, breezy vise

  • I drew you

  • Hi R

  • Speaking chinease dr crumb: iT mUsT bE a ViRuS

  • I think I cracked this riddle. The movie is a really racist propoganda film about, violent "aliens".

  • The movie: “dumb Chinese channel” Me who is Chinese: ..... ;-;””

  • Me: AHHHHH ITS A COCKROACHE The cockroach: 22:22

  • there is a cars ripoff its called carrinhos

  • u sun burned?

  • please i’m not even from the south and a country breakfast like that is pathetic. a real country breakfast is something you eat and you could be full for the whole rest of the day. one egg, that’s so dumb.

  • 22:34 if its mouth closed it would way less "scarier"

  • It's ESPRESSO Danny! He's drinking an espresso shot!


  • 12:45 iT's TiMe foR yoU to sAve thE WoRld aGaIn!!1!!

  • I just realized dr crumbs keyboard doesn’t have a space bar

  • As a scientist 👩🏽‍🔬(studied science in school) 👩🏽‍🔬 I can confirm it would definitely have rocked his shit 👩🏽‍🔬

  • Ok, so, I made a discover watching this. I realized Amanda sounded familiar to me in this video, and I figured out who she sounds like: SHE SOUNDS LIKE CAROL!! YOU KNOW?? From Ratatoing!! Bro Carol=Amanda

  • 6:25 wait, so they see a film of they fighting monsters and believe it? Did they JUST BELIEVE IT, if it in the real world Dr crump would be called CRAZY GUY

  • Hearing Danny say “Express” without VPN after it was an incredibly weird feeling.

  • The robot literally has TIE fighter wings for ears.

  • 15:30 “we’re fried- AABBRHDBRMDE”

  • 10:28 When your father heard that you're not playing football.

  • video:plays me: *R T H E S E Q U E L O F G E G*

  • Is the voice actor for the uncle crumb guy Mike Pollock (voice of Eggman in Sonic)? Gunto sounds like Tails, Amanda sounds like Amy.

  • At 13:34 they have an dvd box pic as a poster for a movie that I think they made


  • danny: who would drink a tiny coffee italians: . .. ahha idk. ..

  • why does gunto sound like ash ketchum

  • Ok let’s talk about the asteroid because Danny was confused even a asteroid that size would still turn into a smaller rock or a pebble so yeah and I’m not gonna explain more because this is getting to long

  • 0:22 time stamp to skip sponsor ad

  • E

  • Hey Danny I’m eating bacon and eating you

  • Yeess, we love these. 😂 I never understand why or how these companies come out with sequels. P.S. please watch Crystal Ridge Runners and the secret catfish pond. It's terrible, worst movie ever. It's on Amazon prime.

  • “Suger bad danger suger danger” -alieans

  • 10:51 My ribs, no!

  • when gunto was doing the salt thing he wasn't actually using salt he was doing something else that included stroking of the hand