The Mysterious Return Of Paul Zimmer

Publicado el 30 dic 2019
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Oh snap, he back.
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  • This gives me actual second hand embarrassment

  • Imagine getting sent this video in 2016

  • I was thinking that we can make the term and it will not work in progress for you guys have to do with anything that you want to go back to school in progress for you guys have to do with anything that you want to go back to school in progress for 3333 years and I can get it for the same reason I don't have to do with anything that you want to go back to school in progress for you guys have to do with anything that you want to go back to school in progress for you guys have to do with anything that you want to go back to school in progress for you to school in progress for you guys are having fun in the right to be able to do with anything that you want me to school in progress for you guys are having fun in the right to use of the term is not a bad day at school today I was thinking that we can make the term and it will not work

  • He night just have multiple personality disorder

  • men will literally create a second identity instead of apologizing 🙄

  • I know they’re the same but you know how funny it would be if Troy and Paul were two different people

  • You cant call paul out when you pretend to be a guy named drew gooden 🤚🙄

  • He is in Dahr Mann videos now lol, specifically the second part to the SSSniperwolf video

  • Plot twist: what if Troy was actually a different person and was gifted the account because they look alike.

  • knowing that danny has met paul zimmer only makes this video crazier

  • w jenna is

  • This is my favorite movie scene of all time 14:55 lol

  • bruh you look like Velma from Scooby Doo in that shirt

  • eboy beta version

  • 10:27

  • Imagine if Danny was in MLB 😂 he would make a video on how his classmate Marinette was obviously ladybug

  • Danny you’re in my science class stop pretending to be 24

  • paul and troy should meet ??

  • Nice vid Drew


  • Troyan horse Edit: goddammit Danny already made that joke i saw it after i made this comment

  • 2:08-2:17 Does Danny think that Paul Zimmer and his friends are from "Friends"?(Friends is basically a 90s comedy if you haven't heard of it)

  • Paul is literally Taylor Swift in "Look What You Made Me Do"

  • 15:10 is it just me or is it just like 13 reasons why???

  • Sus

  • this made me cringe so bad i don't even know who that guy is


  • A Paul in Troy clothing 😂😂Dead

  • Is that 13 Reasons Why

  • The acting this Troy did was from 13 reasons why

  • not paul using a scene from 13 reasons why😂

  • I’m pretty sure Traul Zecker and Poy Bimmer are different people.

  • 2:19 jojo reference?

  • Paul Zimmer watching this: 👁👄👁

  • What type of Hannah Montana shit was he trying to do ➖👄➖

  • I saw a bean song ad while watching this ;-; Just wanted to put that out there...

  • That scene was just a scene from 13 reasons why

  • wait did he just copy 13 reasons why

  • troyan horse

  • he is in dar man skits now. uhhhhhh wtffffff

  • Not to be rude or hate I’ve been a fan for two years but why his thumb bent like that 1:30 please don’t send me hate

  • **Cutely sits on bench** *ÅńÑ@ r1gHt??*

  • The scene where hes talking to "hannah" is a scene taken from 13 Reasons Why....WOWWW

  • He literally could've just done the easier thing and just fall off the face of the internet.


  • 'So... Yeah sorry I didn't mean to.' APOLOGY OF THE YEAR

  • Why so vugen

  • you idiot why would you say his 15

  • paul eeeeeeeej3

  • paul eeeeeeeej3

  • hi

  • He acts like everyone other then himself are idiots and that we aren’t gonna notice that Troy Becker is him- he makes it so obvious to fact that almost everyone noticed that he was Paul Zimmer 💀

  • oh girl hes going full luka magnotta

  • I know its a joke but he said he’s dryer because dry is slang for not being drunk he was drunk at the party but he’s not anymore

  • Hey Danny have to seen joe lately

  • No one: Danny: seven year old man

  • The one with hannah is from 13 reasons why

  • But imagine if they were dif people that would be really weird

  • preeboy

  • G R E G R R E E G R E G

  • Is he son of hans zimmer?

  • Him pretending to be someone else is the lamest thing in the world, paul is the personification of cringe.

  • a 7 year old man

  • Hello

  • Most people watch the news. I watch *Danny*

  • UM. i don’t know if anyone realized this. but the small film where he’s the jock. THATS FROM 13 REASONS WHY.

  • Troy Becker looks older than me and I'm 19

  • Paul: Troy looks like a younder and sexier version of me *Insert obama giving himself an award*

  • I'm Troy Becker, i'm 16 years old and live in the west section of america. i try to keep my life quiet and not fight, but if it were for me to fight, i would not lose...KILLER QUEEN!

  • This is the plot of Gemini man

  • oh my god he really does look like Carl and Lip had a baby.. wow. thank you Danny for this life changing information.

  • G R E G R R E E G R E G

  • It just blows me away a man my age CHANGED HIS WHOLE NAME to get away from fucking tiktok drama My man changed his name because children were mad at him Edit: then again, he’s attempted to rip a scene whole cloth from fucking Riverdale, so who am I to assume his capabilities

  • at 15:06 the scene they were acting out is literally from 13 reasons why which is already a tv show tf

  • Is Paul Zimmer a German or why do he have an complete german name?

  • This man was just problematic alomg with Zoe Laverne and Cody Orlove

  • This whole situation sounds like one of danny’s fake outros

  • Imagine they are different people and we are just saying random stuff lol

  • Yo you do look like lip tho

  • Paul is in a darhar man video

  • Troy Becker? Like Troy Baker, the accomplished video game voice *actor?* 🤦

  • can someone gimme the link to that video where he tried to fight Danny 😁🍟🥨

  • Just the spiderman meme ö

  • Why is no one talking about how the conversation is from 13 reasons why?? 😭 that’s literally right from the book 💀

  • Troy Becker... sounds a little too much like Troy Bolton from high school musical...

  • Search in google his name becomes troy bekker

  • I can’t stop watching I keep rewatching all of your video’s

  • Why do they pause so much 😭

  • the fact that his "acting scene" is just a super bad word for word copy of a scene from the first ep of 13 reasons why is just... wow

  • You can tell he’s a short film actor when they have the early 2000’s camera quality and mic quality

  • I mean he could- nahh forget it

  • I'm pretty sure that the scene of him as a jock is from 13 Reasons Why...

  • Paul Zimmer and Troy Becker are just 2 of Paul Gutowski's many split personalities. It's a real mental health condition, Greg.

  • wtf i thought it was a BIT until he started doubling down and posting that he was giving away his social media. 😂 YOU WEIRD BRO

  • I’m officially a greg! Yassssssss

  • 0:57 when you’re a trans guy but you haven’t transitioned yet.

  • I just watched a dhar man video where its a gamer girl getting bullied and I think Paul is on it so it brought me back to this video 😂

  • 2:11 is that a fucking gameboy ad sp

  • I pretended to be Sofia the First in 3rd grade and now I see a grown-up pretending to be a sixteen-year-old. Weird! 😜

  • So the only acting I've seen from Troy Becker is from a Dhar Mann video. And of course, he was playing the role of a teenager