Spooky Man

Publicado el 9 oct 2020
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The finale of the Spooky Boy Saga
Journey through the whole Spooky Boy Saga esmain.info/goal/v-deo/pH2ffMSeepVjpqc
Shot by Christian Owens esmain.info
Produced By Anywaywell
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  • In one song he said his dad was vampire, spooky man = the same person who sung "rich dad" confirmed!?!?!

  • Spooky boy, Spooky Guy, to Spooky Ho, And now Spooky Man, what a legend 🙂✌

  • He’s evolved

  • I hope he actually leaves this alone and then does spooky dad to announce when he has a kid

  • this is what imma play while kids r knocking on my door

  • well, now that you're a spooky man you have to deal with spooky taxes.

  • in ten years hes gonna randomly post spooky seinior or spooky old man

  • " Dad's a vampire, moms a witch" me: SIMS

  • I know he's being ironic but this shit slaps hard

  • I'm scared. lol but this is pretty good

  • i keep forgetting that danny's songs legit slap

  • I feel like danny is the only person that could make a bop with the line “I got my spooky beret”

  • Oh shit i shitted myself from this song it so scary.

  • I live for this electric guitar in the background

  • Ahh

  • He’s gonna run out of things to put after spooky one year

  • At this point Danny and Ashnikko should collab with their Halloween songs👏🏽🤍😎

  • Most underrated line ..."bars king size like the rich neighborhoods"

  • "Imma do my spooky dance until the morning light comes" So Danny is a fan of Sir Pelo?

  • I feel like Danny is the kind of guy who can make a funky concept of a song just slap. Good job on this song 👍

  • who else is going through all of his songs I never knew he did all this

  • Who else is watching this in March 🤣

  • Spooky baby boy

  • You posted scary your gonna lose subscriber

  • This honestly bops

  • waiting for spooky dad

  • "I just can't stop puting out spooky boy bops" F

  • F in the chats for spookie boi

  • Y’all sleeping on 1:03 smh

  • Now in 50 years has to make a song called spooky senior

  • New one should be spooky elderly 😂

  • “I’m at your Halloween party just for the goodie bag” I felt that

  • So he's a son of a witch I'm sorry I know I'm like 5 months late

  • the fucking crow

  • lol they pay like 90% of the people in the music industry millions of dollars for having like a quarter of your talent. The world is a ridiculous place.

  • Is it just me or did the production quality just quadruple? Like he went all out for this one.

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


  • I need him to collab with Ashnikko on a Halloween song 😫🙏💙🧡


  • Not at me unironically listening to Danny's music because it slaps as fuck

  • This fellow seems to be rather spooky.

  • I have like 500 replays of this on my spotify

  • How Is this so good

  • your next song name should be spooky dude

  • Danny Gonzales is the walmart eminem and yet all of his songs slap hard

  • I just noticed that Danny in the thumbnail looks like a Dalton Academy Warbler

  • 🔥

  • it's such a flex if you can say 'yuh' without sounding cringe

  • It just gets worse Im a big fan btw

  • I wish he would make one as the vampire dad😞

  • Better than money in the grave

  • What's the good word?

  • This shit actually slaps

  • 2020: Spooky man 2021: Spooky senior 2022: Spooky gravestone 2023: Spook undead

  • ive watched almost every one of these and you deserve to be on an official radio station

  • happy haloween

  • I find myself bopping the melody in my head randomly at work, even 5 months later lmao 😂

  • Cool song 👍

  • holy shit what was the budget for this video

  • 1.) Spooky boy 2.) Spooky guy 3.) Spooky man Soon he'll be singing "BOO BITCH, I just can't breathe, I'm an old man and I can take out all my teeth"

  • dude this slaps

  • Now spooky don’t feel like a word

  • And drew said there were no good halloween songs...

  • Can’t wait for the 2021 version

  • 1:23 are we just ignoring auto tuned cackle

  • can we get a "witch mom" song? plz?

  • im lucky this was premired on my birthday

  • I’m really sad this was the last one, I really want to see Spooky senior’s song

  • Nobody else can say spooky 26 times in one song and still make a bop.


  • ok this go hard

  • This sounds like an Unlike Pluto beat, with a different singer... kinda better too doe

  • This is a BOP.

  • i want to see a xmas version of this

  • I would pay to see a fight between Spooky Man and Vampire Dad

  • This years song title- Spooky Daddy 😂😂

  • The spooky beret Oh my lord Genius

  • i love this more than i love myself

  • "0:14" is the start

  • Ok I think 1:29 is like the Danny phantom in this bitch

  • "1:29" is like my fav rn


  • His next one better be called spooky god Change my mind

  • Missed chance to use out of the womb and into the tomb.

  • Waiting for October 2021 for "Spooky Greg"

  • "boo bich" THANK YOU BOO BICH

  • wtf is a spooky beret lol

  • dope

  • Damn this spooky man song came out on my 13th birthday

  • Yesss sirrr

  • This is better than your other spooky tracks

  • needless to say if I could sub twice I would

  • I'm proud to say I saw this when it was premiering

  • spooky grandfather for 2021

  • Any and every song danny makes is a certified banger

  • you wont

  • Spooky boy,guy,man which one?

  • As a spooky girl I just wanna say I love this 🖤

  • That autotuned h e e h e e tho