Spooky House: The Worst Halloween Movie Ever

Publicado el 28 oct 2020
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Spooky House is very bad.
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  • Mike mike mike

  • If anyone’s shady it’s max trying to convince Zamboni to be his dad

  • Zamboni: I hate children His wife: ight imma head out

  • This movie has to be Canadian it just has that low-budget chaotic energy that all old Canadian movies have

  • Maybe he said “I hate children “ because his wife was pregnant and he didn’t want a kid so he murderd his wife to get rid of the baby

  • ITS SPOOKY MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • .

  • She looks Native American she’s probably a skin walker Witches who have the ability to morph into animals As to why she did it ? I’m not sure lol

  • He should react to wild child

  • I hate children

  • Wow a suicidal 5 yr old

  • Before the big wife/cat reveal there was a good "fed her to the cat" joke here

  • this movie maybe watchable

  • Moral of the story, don't become a magician

  • But I'm not greg tho

  • Danny you better like mr Zamboni or you'll get a good right cross

  • 10:22 when you use light theme

  • danny i totally didn't see it coming

  • Hahahahahhahahahahahah🤣🤣🤣

  • Damn those bullies sure...got their goat.

  • "is there any practical use for this room?" That's where he drops acid.

  • Hey can you review a horrible movie on Netflix it’s called “Escape from Mr.Lemoncello’s library”

  • zamboni man: magic isn't real also i hate children his wife, about to turn into a jaguar for 11+ years to punish him: hold my beer

  • this movie was made on my birthday (not year just day)

  • i think they killed the jaguar

  • you have to get special permits to own a big cat so alot of people dont get the permits but theyre also abusive to the animal

  • i think she turned into a jaguar because shesa tribal women cuz other wise y would she be a tribal women i dont think kids are interested in shamans and tribes which would explain the collar doing a team rocket and turning into some random stars.

  • Am I the only one who wants to watch this?

  • When we thought the boss lady was great zambonis wife but then jaguar was his wife and his wife was ditto same after 11 and half years

  • She disapparated and became a jaguar. She's an animagi

  • She changed until Zamboni learned to like kids.

  • The actual huge question of the movie is why was there a fork, a knife and even a fk spoon with the pizza

  • the sound effect at 0:20 gets me every time.

  • jaguar :(

  • The ending has the exact same energy as a scene from Invader Zim where there's just a random-ass roast turkey in a lab for no reason and all of a sudden out of fucking nowhere GIR bursts out of it yelling; 'It was me! I was the turkey the whole time! I was the turkey!!'.

  • 4:11 *summons technoblade*

  • he on ex games mode 10:48

  • 4:01 No.

  • Anyone notice his lamp turned red the second he started talking about Express VPN?


  • Note to self: MDHI- Magicians Don’t Have Insomnia📝

  • I saw it coming cause i've watched this video like five times

  • hate to say it but this is my favorite spooky movie

  • Btw, at the end, why did they stand up the blue rocket when they thought it was still the jaguar in there?

  • totally saw that comin.

  • I found the pizza scene at 4:38 a little strange. The pizza pie is a mixture of different type of slices: cheese, pepperoni and what looks like veggie. Can you just request a pizza like that?

  • Bro idk why but "I've never been an orphan so.... F*** yeah!" Is the funniest thing I've ever heard

  • him: i hate children her: 🐆 CONSEQUENCES

  • 1 like = 1 Great Right Cross

  • Cool

  • cant belive this now now now

  • Wait. He put a godamn Jaguar basically in a blender, then was going to just release a pissed off wildcat into a room of kids?? Probably not a great idea??

  • I'm just... Wow racist. Dawn Star is racist. Like as a character and I'm a native american so I'm a bit offended but- Hhh okay.

  • I honestly thought the super big surprise was the Jaguar exploding when he opens the rocketship just like the wife in the beginning

  • 5:52 you get mugged the the guy lights you on fire

  • Okay, clearly you haven't watched axe em

  • 5:12 got me so good

  • The Great Zamboni in a nutshell- I blew up my wife and now she's a jaguar

  • I understand this movie. how come danny doesn't? oh wait I guess I actually know what is really going on.

  • Spirit animals. You won't understand.

  • this movie is giving me witches vibes. I love Witches. It's a great movie.

  • maybe he's scaring the kids because maybe that's what does to trespassers to scare them away.

  • The magic guy: my partner on stage and in life. Dawnstar Dawnstar guard from skyrim: And that's why we named our village Dawnstar. Dragonborn:😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶

  • 11:15 donkey noise

  • 17:50 wdym psychopath would you like 5 random kids in your house after your wife died lel

  • yes i did get that reference

  • Also a jaguar just randomly shows up after their magic trick? Wouldn't it be weird for his wife to be missing then he looks down and it's a jaguar that he's never seen before just hanging out.

  • Who’s Greg??????????

    • are you subscribed with notifications on?

  • Imagine working on Schindler's List. Then working on this.

  • I tried to watch this video, but I was blinded by my laptop :(

  • No one: Danny: “He killed his wife btw”

  • as bad as this movie looks, I think if I had seen it as a kid, I'd have loved it

  • why does danny look so good in this video,, who gave him the right

  • Cant believe this, no no no, can’t believe this, no no no, can’t believe this, no no no

  • "I've never been an orphan." *Not yet* .....

  • Dude whenever i watch this i bust out a can of tuna and eat it out of the can

  • i’m putting this here as a guess before the ending: the wife is the fucking jaguar edit; what the fuck WHY

  • Me: watching Me again: skiping through the hole video incase there a jump scare

  • “A magician never reveals himself” sounds like he couldn’t think of an excuse to get out of jury duty so he made said that instead

  • The only thing I remembered from this movie is the weird plot point where the kids use some sort of editing to slow down his talking and he actually says I hate kids or something.

  • This will always be one of my favorite Halloween movies no matter how bad it is proven to be.

  • 4:01 we all do Danny, we all do Remember Vine

  • Honestly it would’ve been better if turned out she was the goat instead

  • My favorite character is princess the goat

  • Zambony or boner witch one

  • This reminds me of Monster House

  • OK like I get that Max is an orphan and I also have a very dark sense of humor ( I too have no will to live!) but him constantly bringing up the fact that he’s getting taken away and begging to live with the great Zamboni is really annoying

  • Honestly I like the jaguar more

  • Am I the only one who never sees Danny’s videos then I go on his channel and find mad content I missed

  • zamboni looks like a walmart old john wick

  • the great zamboni looks like snape

  • Max got adopted just before Techno came and drop kicked him in self defence.


  • Was there something in the movie that's not shown in this video that more explicitly confirms that Shadow actually was Dawn Star? Because my takeaway was that Dawn Star actually did disappear, then he got Shadow, and then 11 years later Shadow disappeared and took Dawn's place.

  • 5:08 *"I've never been an orphan so, FUCK YEAH."* -Danny Gonzalez

  • t


  • And who stabs kids!?!?!??!

  • 22:22 that is just dark

  • 26:05 he turned his wife into the jagwire