Relating To The Kids (Hannah Stocking Reaction)

Publicado el 15 may 2018
Lele Pons, Brent Rivera, Hannah Stocking. These are all names of people. Today I'm gonna learnhow to be a child by watching their videos.
If you're actually reading this description comment "LOL"
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  • *Takes off braces* *Oh crap IT WAS MY BACK BRACE *back bends backwards 180 degrees**

  • i actually did have a gym teacher make me run the mile on a broken foot so that’s fun

  • "we all have that one gym teacher who was physically abusive and made kids with crippling disabilities run the mile" i mean unironically ive seen and heard of many such cases

  • 4 laps in under 15 minutes for the mile? I don't know if it was just my school or something but if you took longer than 10 minutes then you had to do it again the next day

  • It’s also funny that the chubby kid here is a trope but like my army buddy routinely ate my lunch on the 2 mile and he was a tubby ol boy

  • I’m going hella boomer here but bitching about a mile in PE kills me after I stupidly decided the army was my break year between highschool and college. Miles for miles.

  • Literally 23 year olds are acting like 1 mile is so bad, I’m in middle school and run track and have to run around the whole school about 4-6 times... *and we choose to do more, yay*

  • LOL

  • is Danny implying that he used to be a theatre kid

  • In grade 4 I had to line dance to achy breaky heart while on crutches with a broken foot

  • You probably have some white hairs that you haven’t seen. I have at least two and I’m 21 and my partner has like 20+ and he is only 25 🤭 I didn’t realize people got gray hair before like 40 because that’s how movies always portray it

  • why did I find the mile one funny tho 😭

  • E

  • am i the only one who cant hear him at the end

    • @MistR oh ok my bad

    • Think he had to cover some copyrighted song

  • Danny not understanding comedy for 16 minutes

  • You would know Danny, you’re in high school rn

  • I'm in high school and my experience is very uneventful

  • I got bullied by a kid how had a abusive stepdad

  • Our arrival high School hung a dead cat painted blue on ceiling

  • ok

  • No one: My middle school gym teacher: *Sees my classmate seize and continue to fall off her chair and writhe on the floor, making us all jump up and try and help this kid who is literally having a seizure in front of our eyes* Her, the next day after her seizure: yo could I not run 2 laps today I'm feeling really awful from my seizure yesterday Gym teacher: do you have a doctor's note Her: no, but-- Him: nope, no excuses, I know you're fine anyway since you didn't have to go to the hospital after Her: *cries but goes and runs one lap before throwing up and having another fucking seizure*

  • Ok, but.. in under HOW MANY MINUTES????? For us it's always been under 8 minutes bro, if I had run a 15 min mile I would've been killed

    • for me it was 19 mins in middle school :/

  • Oh come on, I live in a hot area, I’m in middle school, and I ran the mile in 12 minutes!

  • danny already looks like a 12 boy lol

  • bro its just comedy

  • 11:16 oh yes i am too afraid of some birds

  • everyone knows that Danny is perpetually 15, he doesn't need to worry about getting older

  • Where everyone go ?

  • 6:41 this is for friend

  • all our lunch money is virtual. i don't think it would be possible to take someone's lunch money

  • Why do you think they try to relate to teenagers

  • Lele Pons was probably the bully in middle school tbh

  • Dude 1 Mile isn't much


  • my gym teacher was kind of a predator. he also made me continue to do gym things when i had hyperextended both of my knees and could hardly walk and i still have knee problems to this day. i'm 16 and my knees creek when i stand up and scream at me when i keep them bent for too long. public school man

  • Theyre our rivals

  • Hey Danny. I really enjoy your videos especially the ones where you roast the shit out of other people, but in this case I think you're forgetting that these videos are made for comedic purposes and therefore don't need to follow a sensible timeline. Sure some are hard to watch but this time I think you were a little nitpicky

  • Persona 5 be like 7:56

  • i'm twelve and i'm growing grey hair along the side of my hair i am pulling off but still

  • 14:32 hitler!?

  • All lunch money is now paid online through me kids school website...I now feel old.

  • Wtf is the mile that was never a thing. At least not for me

  • I can’t really talk because I didn’t go to public school but once we were at a basketball game with our rival team and one of my friends got in a fist fight with the rival team because they knocked me down and they didn’t get a foul and they didn’t say sorry so my friend got super mad and then we got in huge trouble

  • We had a football game with our rival school, and those are always insane, but a kid from the rival school stabbed a kid from our school, I think the kid survived, but the cops quickly got involved and no one was allowed to go home until they figured out just what the fuck happened.

  • Don’t worry Danny you’ll always be a 10 year old boy

  • Maybe it’s because I’m a distance runner but running a mile is literally the most mundane inconvenience unless you have a heart issue or anemia

    • It’s most likely because you’re a distance runner. Some people are gonna have WAY less energy and face pain and heavy breathing quickly if they don’t exercise often. Idle people need quite a few breaks so they don’t hurt themselves. Some kids also have asthma and can forget their inhalers. I’m an epileptic and for some of us, physical activities can cause a seizure (even with only small exercises; I’ve almost had one just by doing a few jumping jacks).

  • 1:55 Brent joined the chat

  • Bro I cant even go to the bathroom without going to the bathroom

  • Had to watch this again because I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out which button I accidentally hit that made subtitles come up

  • Lele Pons is a bully who is convinced she isnt one

  • 1:17

  • I like that purple shirt where'd ya get it?

  • This is how many times he said highschool | | V

  • LOL

  • Back in elementary school I remember exactly how the bully was a nerd who went into the bathroom, but instead of coming out with eyeliner and his fathers biker jacket he was out with a sawed off shotgun

  • NGL the vulture thing was somewhat amusing.

  • *laughs in home school*

  • 15:37 Why is there like circus music playing-

  • Subtitles are on for the music cover part

  • Danny: At what world can this guy pass as a highschool student? Me: The world of anime

  • “How do you do, fellow kids?”

  • Gotta love that music cutting out what dannys saying lol

  • My health class was in a cinderblock room, so that's not entirely unrelatable, but it was definitely weird

  • I like to rewatch Danny’s videos bc I kinda know what’s going on so it’s like nice background noise that I can chuckle to but the music edits at the end bc of the copyright is so fucking funny it gets me every time

  • When I hear a bully say something about me COME SAY THAT MY FACE I LITTLE BICH

  • I got asked for my lunch money but I couldn’t take this guy seriously because he was a bully and when I told him I didn’t have money he just swore and walked away

  • @10:09 no some teachers do actually do that my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade years were rough

  • 4 laps in under 15 minutes! That’s easy and I’m a thrower in track

  • idk why people are afraid of getting old, my mom’s 41 and she’s excited to be getting her grey hairs, apparently she’s been looking forward to it for years, she’s always had a young face, like when she was in her late 20s people assumed she was a high schooler, and even now she could easily pass as 35, but i just don’t see why looking young forever is so important to people, like yeah you get older that’s kinda how life works, it also shows that you have more life experience and all that shit

  • the sound at 3:16 is itching my brain please hwat was that jshv

  • Ok Ok... Idk about your guy's experiences .... but the doctor's note scene, though exaggerated, does relate to an extent unfortunately.

  • The Kids

  • It's actually more likely you will get bullied for being alternative by very mainstream popular kids lol

  • .

  • what the fuck happened at the end there

  • I think it depends on the school but our highschool mile was 2 laps not 4, and their track looks huge so theirs could be 1

  • Unnus annus like

  • What town are they living in, Riverdale?

  • Okay but like 8:11 was kinda true because my friend had a huge cast on her food and the coach was still asking for a note

  • okokokokok so, I was watching the video and my internet went out right when he said “and I picked it up and it was-“ so then I went back 10 seconds and it timed it perfectly so that it sounded like he said “and it was probably hair”. Identification 100.

  • Lyly,

  • Danny 19 year olds are teenagers

  • Hello here is a cookie 🍪

  • I'm a 10th grader and we do have a very bad thing with our rival like when we play them in football there are cops surroundings it and you can't come without an adult

  • 10:10 my pe teacher in elementary school actually made a bunch of seven year olds do this, but not a whole mile probably. Me and two other kids were always the last (and we were the “different” ones too), so everyone hated us for a while.

  • rIpP hIs WiNgS oFf!!

  • how did he rip his braces off they put them on there with fucking cement

  • Our classrooms were made out of those blocks but they were at least painted 😂

  • he is 26 now

  • What’s up with that music at the end that covers your original audio?

  • At mine it was a school shooting threat

  • That relatable, wacky moment when your parents send you to school after your break every bone in your body from a car accident. So relatable

  • LOL

  • When the ref yelled "Rip his wings off!" I actually laughed. I am a small child.

  • I started getting White hairs when I turned 12 ✋😭

  • I am once again asking for your science homework

  • I know that my schools rivalry got pretty intense. Some of the football players from the other school broke in and got into a fight with some of our players. A lot of blood on the floor aftwerward... a lot of blood. However I atlest am aware that this is not a relatible story amd would not try to make a shitty comedy sketch.

  • Him: *talking about about highschoolstuff* Me who has never been to a highschool:"mhm..yea.....IKR!"

  • These ESmainrs are literally like Hollywood writers when making teen romance movies/ shows. Nobody has class Nobody does schoolwork/homework Every guy gets into physical fights Everyone goes to parties, drinks, does drugs Every couple has sex No one is going through that awkward puberty stage and has perfect skin There is only 1 bully and his crew in the entire school Only 3-4 popular girls in the whole school And 25 year olds pass as 16yrs olds.

  • I. Frigin. HATE. RUNNING THE MILE! Im the chubby slow kid ;-;