POV I'm Your Vampire Dad

Publicado el 24 jul 2020
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ESmain, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


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    • Epic 😨👍

    • Lol

    • While watching this my iPad fell... guess it doesn’t like these videos either

    • Starting to think that "Pigs on video" meaning on POV was supposed to actually suggest something and was not a random at all.

    • Poggers

  • GEG

  • Geg

  • Daddy....stop making POV Tiktoks. The study says 8/9 people make them, and 8.5 Trillion people have gotten infected. And there’s only 7.8 billion people on earth! Anyways, back to the POV problem.

  • We all have 3 types of boyfriends: nice, cute, and the one that will kill you because you forgot to pick up

  • I was done when he did vampire dad😂😂

  • geg

  • I will Report him from mah tik tok bcs he cringe >:3

  • The wall says GEG that bothered me throughout the video, I had to started imagining the R

  • Dang we got the same last name

  • Pov: you’re dying from *secondhand embarrassment*

  • geg

  • 9:44 I don't think they mean: The "Old" dad dad. They mean: Daddy Daddy Dad Does that make sense? 😀 Oh wait No- Lemme delete myself-

  • If you haven't realized already, this guy has read too many Wattpad books 👀 The TikTok dude, I mean-

  • i made the 2:05 face at every video

  • You see your serial killer ex smooching your serial killer boyfriend. You: Pee in his mouth 𝕆𝕣 DIVORCE

  • "Pick up the phone baby" By : Vampire Dad 🤣❤️

  • Nobody: Danny: PICK UP THE PHONE bAbY

  • Danny should make a mini series called “Vampire dad” and release a new episode every weeks.

  • ya and what scares me the most abt this kind of creepy stuff in romcoms/dramas/romance genres is that people take women buying it or enjoying it as some kind of subconscious desire thing rather than an inversion of the male gaze or of patriarchal desire :o

  • 7:38 ppl who don’t have dads 😪

  • We need a vampire dad series


  • This is top tier Danny Gonzalez

  • 12:59 you look like a pufferfish

  • POV: you're debating on deleting your history


  • when you read to many manhuas

  • POV: You're in Da Hood

  • I laughed so much I chocked on my own spit and then got heart burn😂

  • Ngl, the outro is quite a bop🔥😎👌🏻💯

  • He should react to wild child

  • POV: Your watching 🌈VaMpIrE DaD🌈

  • Normal person: HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GET IN MY HOUSE??!?!!?!!! Crazy bf: PiCK Up ThE phOne BaBa

  • bloodsucking monsters who aren’t hot *damon and stefan salvatore have entered the chat*

  • I love when vampire dad pops in like," YOU RANG?"

  • i need more vampire dad sitcom content

  • being in a gang is a jojo reference

  • People need to know : Killers : Kill you Kidnappers : Blackmail you or kill you Stalker : Watches you when you are doing something private like singing into a toothbrush *There is nothing romantic*

  • G E G

  • POV: your dying uncle was abt to tell you Obama's last name

  • pigs................on.......................VIDEO!!

  • “ macho persona” ? What?

  • Can you imagine being a parent walking into your kid’s room seeing him doing this?

  • This tiktok dude is fruitier than a bag of Valencia 🍊

  • This man looks slightly like an actual stalker I had and I hate that this shit is stuff he would really do. This isn't sexy. It's terrifying.

  • No one: Danny: :O - *pick up the phone bAbY*

  • Danny's vampire dad is the best character. I'd follow him on tiktok

  • Vampire Dad should be a show

  • POV: you aren’t subscribed to Danny and die because of it

  • POV: geg

  • 10:54 ngl he kinda cute tho~

  • men who think this kind of stuff is hot have never heard a woman talk about abusive men lol

  • the vampire dad was wearing cross earrings, I'm pretty sure crosses kill vampires.

  • POV stands for Poggers Of Volcanoes 😎

  • While this "Garrett's" content is disturbing for multiple reasons, I'd like to point out that this dude isn't even a good actor. He makes the EXACT same faces in every video, and it's ALWAYS these creepy voyeuristic smiles.



  • GEG

  • jsut turn off your location on snapchat then the serial killer boyfriend wont find you

  • Danny am i a geg?

  • POV: Your boyfriend's the son of a vampire and he just got done taking over the mafia after he stabbed himself.

  • Bro my teeth are sharp but not that sharp

  • G e g

  • Anyone else notice that his Greg sign says geg?

  • That was tomato sauce

  • GEG

  • GEG R

  • "I'm pretty sure that's everyones fantasy, your getting changed at your friends house and you hear a knock and their brother walks in, and just looks you up and down" that did happen to me once, her brother is a 10 year old and he tried to hit on me

  • 7:29 everybody gangsta until he shots him

  • pov: that so f***ed up

  • Sombody gleenlight "Vamire Dad" the series

  • 7:37 reason no.5 why I'll never be a badass, I don't have a dad

  • 6:05 I like how that's not even our pov, it's our abusive boyfriends pov


  • When he breaks into her house, it kinda reminds ne of kiling stalking. The kidnappe bf, reminds me of the warehouse.....its FRIGHTENNING.

  • You have face reveal


  • 12:54-13:00 Danny with the "Oo" face gives me life!! Bahahahaha.... I thought he was kissing the vampire??? 😮😵

  • pls i used to hang w garrett all the time before he moved sKSKSKSKfjsonfpaiojef

  • Wish I could turn into a animal at my command that'd be cool

  • Me screaming at my bird PICK UP THE PHONE BABY I KNOW YOUR HOME BABY

  • Why does the Greg say geg 🤔

  • Pigs on video: Nutcracker Danny is coming for you.

  • I like your shirt

  • 3:49 is this not the plot of 365 Days but a lot nicer

  • geg

  • I always think I want to watch these vids. Then I see the first tik tok example, and I immediately know that the cringe will be too strong for me. If u made it through the video u have my undying respect

  • gëg

  • Why is this man's skin the same tone as Squishy from Monsters University?

  • 2:05 W I D E D A N N Y

  • 6:15 it looks like he’s saying *“I’m with the bah”*

  • Song lowkey fire

  • 13:55 - 18:54 lol

  • g e g

  • GEG

  • 7:00

  • Don’t give a damn

  • Geg

  • I’m so ashamed tween me would have been into these things

  • GEG