Kung Fu.... Rabbit???

Publicado el 27 nov 2020
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  • Kung Fu Rabbit? Kung Fu Panda? Hold up

  • I was laughing at this video on ft for 40 min

  • Why does he like 12 in this video?

  • Everyone: Raid Shadow Legends Danny Gonzalez: Let's not. Let's ExpressVPN.

  • Those raccoons are so chubby it’s adorable 😍🦝

  • Getting flipped of by a guy with an absolute baby face like Danny feels so surreal

  • danny can u actually make a raccoon video tho that was so entertaining

  • He should react to wild child

  • As a raccoon, I can confirm the government won’t let us flip anyone off anymore

  • when the person sent react to music i think they meant sia's movie called music

  • 👏😯 wow surprising you didn’t say much bad words

  • 😯👏 wow Danny didn’t say much bad words

  • Danny:this is kinda cringe


  • Oh

  • Yeah

  • Human Raccoon 🤨


  • I have never heard of a holy cow🐄😇

  • I’ve never heard of a HOLY COW 😇🐄

  • Like or shirt

  • 12:28 this is my favorite part of the whole vid


  • It's a sequel to king fu panda

  • it's my birthday today

  • He looks like the nerd kid named evan in middle school that wore that kind of shirt every day but today is picture day so he took off his glasses. Prove me wrong.

  • The raccoons are cute, but I always feel so bad for overweight animals

  • Kung fu panda is copying this movie This is just a joke

  • "This is a top tier block buster movie" *sees the main character* Taking that back real fast Danny boy.

  • These raccoons are eating better then most people

  • Danny: Imagine getting slapped by a raccoon. Rocket: ...

  • 12:30 Wilbur would like this one

  • Bunny was kung fu fighting HYA!

  • 8:31 Mmmm.... Monke

  • “U like my new hat?” Lmao 😂

  • Song at the beginning is fire

  • I got a dog named peanut too

  • hes gonna kill these racoons

  • Dude, I just subscribed to the raccoon dude. Why does he remind me of Hagrid so much???

  • I remember acctually watching this movie as a kid.

  • Kung Fu Trash Panda

  • I watched this and the main character doesn't sound annoying in my country, thankfully, but it isn't that good anyways.

  • I watched his video

  • Rats... Rats have hands and hold things.

  • I have watched this movie on Amazon cuz I was bored before I even saw this video

  • So no one ganna talk about how cute Danny’s fit is

  • panda's have a different type of hands

  • This movie has nothing on gooby at all... Ever... ...never ...no

  • i love how danny loves the raccoons 🦝☺️

  • 12:23

  • ... * sigh *

  • In this video Danny's hair kind of looks like if someone drew an owl from memory

  • Kung fu rabbit is dubbed its was originally chinese

  • I used to own a raccoon They in fact snarl like lil demons sometimes lmao

  • the racoons kinda *t* *h* *i* *c*

  • Kung Fu Rabbit’s facial features social distance better than most people in the US

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏

  • only now did i realize the person who said react to music was talking about the Sia film about an autistic girl that the autistic community finds offensive due to stereotyping and a neurotypical Maddie Ziegler portraying the autistic girl Music

  • one night my dad bought this movie we all thought it was terrible now we rate how bad a movie is compared to kung fu rabbit

  • What happened of your hair

  • BRO BRO CHILL this is to goofy

  • dude they used the kunfu panda sound track

  • We just pretending that he doesn’t have a hickey on his neck ? Really? That’s how it is ? Okay...

  • Thanks a lot Danny. Now I want to see a raccoon flip someone off. 😅

  • I watched "Kung fu rabbit" in like 3rd grade

  • His tiny eyes offend me in the slightest ways they’re not even big enough so they had to put white around his eyes

  • When your good : 12:30

  • Danny loving raccoons is my favorite thing rn tbh

  • Those some plump racoons very nice

  • All rodents have hands like that you didn’t know that?

  • Why does Danny have the fit of blue's clues?

  • No one pointing out how in the background of the Kung Fu Rabbit trailer their playing Everybody was Kung Fu fighting which is the song they play in the background of the Kung Fu Panda movie trailer?

  • Watching Danny react to the raccoons and the noises they make, yeah they get fucking loud and violent. I live in Toronto btw, the fucking raccoon population of the world it feels like. Everyone in the city has a raccoon story tbh.

  • OMG "It was made over the course of three years, with a crew of 500 animators"

  • Dramatically pro raccoon hands!

  • "Imagine getting slapped by a raccoon, that would be cute as hell." Words I thought I'd never hear.

  • 9:02 sweet cakes, straight out of the oven, y u m m y l i s u s

  • Lions gate made the Hunger Games (all parts), Wonder, John Wick, Some movie called Dirty Grandpa whatever that is about, then Kung Fu Rabbit-

  • clickbait

  • you should make 4k videos now

  • Racoon

  • I like your shirt 👍🏻


  • the beginning tho LMAO

  • I just want to point a thing out: Danny looks very cute in that shirt, it fits you. Keep it up fam

  • 7:03

  • humans have hands

  • Me: “Mom can we get Kung fu panda?” Mom “we already have Kung fu panda at home sweetie.” Kung fu panda at home:

  • Ratatouille

  • i actually watched this when i was young (And like the cat in the hat live action) i thought it was a fever dream

  • getting close to 5 mill danny

  • E


  • Dude those raccoons are soooooooooo fat! Like what

  • 🙋🏾‍♀️have worked at hooters, have been harassed, mediocre wings and food

  • danny dressed like he bouta sing about receiving a letter with his spices and dogs

  • when the kung fu rabbit part came up I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard...


  • That raccoon guy is awesome he tamed a bunch of raccoons. That is awesome.

  • I legit thought Danny just click baited us... I guess you could say- *tHeY hAd Us At ThE fIrSt HaLf NoT gOnNa LiE*