I Made A Viral TikTok Song

Publicado el 21 oct 2020
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Featuring Ned Flamez
Thanks to Christian for filming esmain.info
Song produced by Diamond Style
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ESmain, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


  • 9:07-9:27. Reminds me of china Ann McLean tik tok abt Elias Burbik single race it 🤣.15:59

  • 22:19 thefronk "Damn bro my step sis is on this app chill out"

  • Hi I'm Greg

  • I didn’t even realize he said DaBaby until I came back to this vid.

  • He is my version of the song: I’m a fucking clown,but you are my Circus, and we’ve been driving around, all around the Surface

  • *Bennet bennet bennet*

  • How about a mashup song of dances Like put alot of tiktok famous dances name in the song and when the name comes u do the dance Like " renegade" u do renegade step

  • 25:05 Nice Dunder Mifflin shirt

  • 25:20

  • Me when I see Danny’s disguise. Tony is that you I thought you died 😂🤣😂

  • Hello

  • 11:39 the ad...

  • This video makes me want to download tik tok but theres so many weird and uninteresting things on there too. Smh dammit Danny

  • @dannyGonzalez

  • 7:32😂

  • This song actually kinda slaps

  • What I don´t get is that he went through all this trouble, disguising himself, making a TikTok account, creating dance instructions, had to get a following on said account, paid popular tiktokers to get the song more recognition and overall popularity, and yet he created a song that isn't bad or anything but didn't even try disguising his Voice of all things! like bruh

  • Tf Benny the bull knows who we are?!?!

  • I was expecting kurtis to say no 😂

  • “it was just ok” ads from a year ago: “just ok is not ok”

  • Can't believe this guy sang Roadtrip. Absolutely amazing!

  • Please shawty ✋

  • To give you some credit, a week before this video was posted, the song was recommended to me through my discover weekly. However, listening to it while doing something I immediately thought you made it. Then I checked out the artist and was like, "...Has Danny uploaded anything recently?"

  • Finally found the right person for all TikTok issues. *Nike_Tools* on instagram was able to get me verified on TikTok beyond relief 🙌🏻....

  • he says it like its a good thing

  • WOOOOOO🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh he's got da babby in the back

  • 25:21 never realized a tiktok about sapnaps loh was in here

  • *e*

  • ngl but it's actually good...

  • who else loves danny?🥺🥺

  • Danny should have made merch that was a shirt with a gecko on it that said "BITCH" in all caps

  • if u want to change ur appearance for a 3rd time the height of ur glasses can change the appearance of ur nose

  • Not Fox snz?: exposing Ned Flames

  • Stonks

  • Danny you should disguise yourself as drew gooden without telling him and make a video on it

  • 0:01 that aged well


  • Nice song 🎶

  • Danny: *uses Rhymezone* Me: *also uses Rhymezone* Also me: *is a celebrity*

    • @Alethea VanDemark I was joking too

    • @Ihatehumans lol, it's meant to be a joke. I take Logic class, don't worry.

    • @Alethea VanDemark circular logic...?

    • @Ihatehumans I now realize how confusing that is. I mean, in my eyes Danny is a celebrity, and he uses Rhyme zone, and I also use Rhyme zone, so than I must also be a celebrity.

    • what does this mean

  • Just throwing da baby lessss goo

  • I feel like this is was Inspired by something different by why don’t we

  • 15:13 Anyone see the jessie sign?

  • make one where you try to be a famous toy or slime youtuber!

  • Plan A Plan B Strategy number 3 hold up is Danny valve?

  • o7

  • Wow Danny talked about dababy before he was a meme

  • DA BABY 16:19

  • i love the gasp he does when he sees kurtis’s name lmao


  • I don't know who you are and that disguise looked fake as hell.

    • Awesome! nobody gives a shit

  • Look​like​YOU​SO​ng is​DREAM​song

  • My GTA Online character: 19:52

  • I once sat through an entire 30 minute long ad just about naming chemicals and even that was more entertaining than this video.

  • Are we just going to ignore how Danny looks a lot like Shia LeBoeuf in the thumbnail

  • I mean this video has 4 million views that’s 4 million more people that know about this song sooo I would say this is a success and the song slaps

  • Если долго вглядываться в русский ютуб, русский ютуб начнёт вглядываться в тебя. Остановись, пока остановка не стала последней, Пайро

  • Next time you make a disguise video I want my money

  • Danny: Doja Cat, Dababy, Lil Nas X. What do all these singers have in common? Me: They're black?

  • Danny dude.... baby in the tree destroyed me. You are a weird perfect genius. 👏🏾

  • If he had just disguised himself as a normal teenager who could make a song like this and not a weird ass wanna be boomer this could've actually worked and even gone viral lol

  • 14:35 he be looking like smash mouth though

  • E

  • Ooga boogaloo

  • "No more disguises, my face is too distinctive!" You tell em, Drew Gooden.


  • i remember when he made fun of a reporter for saying "little tay" instead of lil tay but now he's here calling the old town road guy "little nas x"

  • can’t say he didn’t warn us about dream...

  • That nasymty little freak lol

  • georgenotfound and sapnap are both hidden in this video haha

  • Flop

  • We get one vague glimpse at Danny's guinea pigs only once every year

  • Guitaaaaarr

  • You should have made your TikTok name Lil' Pez Dispenser

  • Did Curtis Waters cover Pity Party, or make his own song called Pity Party?

  • Or you could do the batman voice thing.

  • You should keep making fox Szn songs.

  • he looked like adam sandler

  • letss goo

  • Rotisserie chicken lmao 😭💀

  • 0:01 less gooooooooooo

  • Inspirational gecko moment.

  • Big 3

  • *chefs kiss* 😚👌 perfect song, yes yes


  • 10:39 the photo he uses here looks exactly like the disguise he ended up using.

  • You forgot cuss words. 😌

  • Danny doesn't know that he is at 53k video right now

  • You should have just made a new song on your main account

  • he’s talking about him disguising again but better...... he already does, imagine how difficult it must be having this channel and Drew’s at the same time

  • Dababy

  • Cool

  • ✨CURTIS✨

  • Oh i didnt know tik tok was about content creators my for you page is full of stupid meme animations

  • 0:01 less goo

  • 6:57 Davie angry

  • The web site he used was word art

  • why do i really like the song 🔪🥴

  • “A person with hobbies” *guitarrr*

  • dababy got popular because he turned a man of african descent into a convertible smh