I'm Very Worried About This Movie (Swiped w/ Noah Centineo)

Publicado el 23 jul 2019
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Swiped with Noah Centineo is an instant classic to be sure
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  • All I have to say is that I'm very grateful that this app does not exist😳👍

  • And this movie is why I’m gay

  • If you get tricked I get a cookie Read more

  • How did this become a movie?!

  • wow, is that a yellow shirt

  • 15:15 Omg add captions "Crowd of 🤡"

  • yes

  • Oh ive watched that movie

  • isnt james' grandpa the same guy from the christmas movie kurtis made a video about where the girl gives santa a make over

  • Wait uhhhh....... how did the movie end??????????

  • We gonna ignore the fact that people will learn other people's last names through their CLASSES? You know, the whole point of college? Do classes not exist in this world?

  • Why do i feel like i have seen james like a million times in real life

  • kalani is from dance moms she’s his sister

  • why do they look 20 😥🙏🏼

  • My mom wanted to watch this with me unironically

  • 2020 be like: 3:41

  • Bimbo Flying! Somebody Catch Her!

  • you wear a yellow shirt today

  • anybody else realize the photo in the back change?

  • Why does the "24/7 sex portal phone" dude look like the both of the Paul Brothers

  • I wonder if this is why drew deleted his Swiped video hahaha

  • 7:50 SO FAKE!!!

  • 7:50 SO FAKE!!!

  • Hannah looks 30.

  • POV you buy the jacket that lets you skip the line but you have to wait in that line to even get in

  • Do the emoji move ye

  • sorry to tell these guys but tinder already exist


  • He didn't even recognise kalani from dance moms :(

  • His sister is Kalani from Dance Moms

  • The blonde guy looks like a gender swapped dove cameron

  • GEG

  • is no one gonna talk about how they go to new york on September 11th? 1:03

  • When i saw noah i thought of smosh

  • 16:38 wait... Is that the acter who played stanta in To cool for Christmas that Krutis made a video on?

  • But is that sister kalani from dance moms

  • 9:50 the lady in pink looks way too old to be in that scene.

  • oh my god is james' grandpa santa from that christmas movie kurtis talked about...

  • why would I wear a jacket to skip a line if i could do so without it B), nah jk tho

  • my boy just really wanted to find the antilife equation

  • “there’s no age restriction, give it to your five-year-old cousin if you need to!”

  • Guy:Doesnt want his dad to know about the girl in his room Also guy:Procedes to yell "Bimbo flying somebody catch her"

  • I'm not sure what it is about low budget movies or certain short films. But just by seeing one scene, sometimes even a few frames. And you immediately know that it's low budget or a cheesy, weak, bad film

  • I’m sorry I ever saw/heard of such things. What the flip!! That app is a high chance of someone murdering u without u even knowing

  • Danny had to cut off some of this video.., so how the heck did the movie end?!?

  • Danny's sense of humor is UNEXPLAINABLE.

  • Don’t MIT and Harvard give financial aid to all American students? Aren’t they need blind? So how does James not have enough money to get in?

    • The cost a ton, so it’s not unreasonable he couldn’t get in

  • To be fair tho my freshman year roommate also said that to me--wait a minute

  • "I can have as much sex as I want,your obsolete" Bruh...that dudes hair cut is obsolete

  • Wait, so it just ends with James destroying all hookup services, hiding with that girl who hates him, and creating a WLW dating app? ??????????

  • Danny: makes a video shitting on swiped This video: has an ad for swiped right underneath it

  • The ad on ESmain for this movie , says it’s a “Comedy”

  • Oh

  • We got school! We only have time to screw! We can’t form rElAtIoNsHiPs

  • This movie is so gross

  • one year later and i just realized this movie is not for kids ahhahahahha

  • Wait.... your 25?!


  • now let me just watch this movie and rate it

  • Jungle: u can do everything in this app

  • I'm Very Worried About This Movie (Swiped w/ Noah Centineo)

  • What an awful movie full of awful characters

  • LOL I met one of the main actors in this movie. He came to our house. I've still never seen one of his movies since they don't look the best.... my grandfather did watch one of his movies tho, it's busdriver.

  • Is no one going to talk about the girl who is making fun of him is Kalani from Abby Lee Dance Company


  • Danny probably made more money with this video, than the producers got from the box office

  • "bimbo flying somebody catch her" is actually the funniest phrase ever

  • When I saw this I thought it was to all the boys I’ve loved cause Noah centeno

  • No age restrictions?😃 wowwww

  • “Bimbo flying somebody catch her”

  • Thanks, I use express vpn alot now!

  • This whole thing sounds like Toxic Masculinity: The Movie

  • black book no writing = death note

  • Ah yes, a movie sexist towards both genders at the same time. What an accomplishment, i can't believe it

  • I used to love when every student in the building would form a giant line on campus for no reason. Fond memories.

  • 😂 THE SUBTITLES 15:14 - 15:16

  • who else got an ad next to the video for "Swipe"

  • Danny: sister. Me: KALANIIIIIIIIIIIII

  • when danny brought up john paul jones i legitimately thought he was referring to led zeppelin till the picture popped up-

  • Oh hooray, Objectification: The Movie! Also, this app seems like it’d be a hotbed for serial killers.

  • Are they making a tour that’s live to prove they are 2 different people

  • omg you went to Indianapolis where I LIVE AND I MISSED IT!!!!!!

  • 8:29 ok so you arent gonna commentate on how the dad would definately have heard him?

  • The worst thing about these movies with the "men treat women like disposable items and that's wrong" plotlines is the movies themselves end up treating them that way, too. None of the women in this movie existed outside of the idea of dating/hooking up with guys. But it also pretty much treated the male characters the same way, soooo... this one gets extra point deductions.

  • I love how the app is effectively just Grindr For The Straights

  • Literally every movie featuring Noah Centipede is bad let’s be honest.

  • No real life woman would ever download an app like this lmao

  • I am in the woods rn and I am in the back of my car and laying down in the back of the sh and it’s night and I am hearing some weird sh and when I am watching Danny I don’t give to fucks because I am laughing so dam hard

  • I just love shitty "teen" shows and movies! They're so bad that they're good

  • Morejtsu's movie budget is better than this movie...

  • hi im greg

  • What's your last name? Where do you bank? What's the name of your first pet? What town did your grandmother live in?


  • Me: *Casually eating cereal* "This app has no age restrictions! Give it to your 5 year old cousin-" Me: *Casually spits cereal all over computer screen and cannot stop laughing casually*

  • me hearomg Jhon Paul Jhons: Imediatly likes the video

  • Is James sister Kalanie from dance mom's??

  • Imagine you show up to the WA2DP show w the WA2DP merch and the bouncer waves you in past everyone else and everyone in the line falls in love with you and wants to be your friend that would be really cool

  • Imagine being loyal lmfaooooooo

  • As a coder, James offends me

  • If James's dad divorced James's mom because James's mom was making fun of him for being anti-social, that would be something I'd appreciate.