Publicado el 21 may 2020
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The video is about radio rebel
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ESmain, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


  • The band leader is basically Disney trying to get Zac Efron back into their world.


  • aaah yes the great school coup d'etat

  • Bruh, this movie tells kids to sabotage something, because everyone will stand up for you even though the principle is just trying to do their job!

  • Dad: We're goin- *SHUTS THE DOOR Me:Where?

  • gavin... and stacey? what a good combination of names idk

  • I got an ad of a Minecraft skeleton song before the video started and tbh it was pretty good until there was a good five seconds of ass jokes

  • 14:05 I like to imagine that this was a death threat-

  • my name gavin no dont say fuck me im straight lol.

  • HoW cAn YoU eVeN bReAtHe At A tImE lIkE tHiS?

  • Danny gonzalez: the 3rd best Minecraft player

  • RED, bam ba bam bam. ❤️

  • Just thinking about some 34 year old man paying $20,000 to know who some teen is

  • I’m literally having a crisis right now because it just hit me that this video is almost one year old

  • 9:27 *Kokichi Ouma intensifies*

  • Im in love with the end song😂 ANYWAYS i subscribed and i put on notifications am i truly greg?

  • Ok

  • why am i laughing every 10th second

  • 10/10


  • this video is from 10 months ago but i swear it was 3 years ago

  • Greg is u s

  • This movie is the most heinous bastardization of "Footloose" EVER.

  • 6:47 DEW IT

  • OH MY GOD Danny's face in the thumbnail reminds me of that one creepy "joker face" challenge (why is it even called that when the joker never even makes that face? Someone please tell me)

  • I am Alpharius!

  • He should react to wild child

  • I AM GREG Haters Can Not Stand A Chance😄

  • Okay but that’s exactly how gym teachers are.

  • 12:20 she doesn’t sound different like how they not know it was her

  • i lost my top hat

  • 2:40 my friend at school

  • Oh yeah daddy chase me down the street

  • The thumbnail is low key terrifying

  • Is that guy...... Todd from the magicians..............?

  • POV: you're a cute dog at the park: 9:28

  • Are you

  • Am I in trouble? Yea ur in trouble young woman like HOW DARE YOU do the same thing as me and run a radio station u DISAPPOINTMENT

  • If they can't listen to music in class, they can just listen to their pencil sharpeners

  • tara is the bella poarch of 2010-

  • those boys were completely hardcore simping radio rebel

  • 2:34 welcome to Scotland 7:38 welcome to Scotland again

  • We will win with *tHe pOwEr oF fRiEnDsHiP*

  • your content always make me laugh!

  • The blue haired goth carried this entire movie

  • Me Greg Gender: fem/mal Born:,when Greg was born Age:today years old Hobby:watching Danny Gonzalez on ESmain

  • is it bad if your uncle was one of the high school suit wearers :(


  • Danny is so funny lmaooo

  • the ending of Little Nightmares II be like: 2:47 (Ik it’s not the ending but it’s right before it so shhh)

  • 20:17

  • 16:36 this is probably my favorite part of this video

    • Not very many people will see this because this is an old video

  • Wait this was 10 months ago?

  • Do Harry Potter please!

  • I remember this movie on ytv it was not that great lmao

  • I wanna see a Disney teenager movie but they focus on the school staff.

  • “I don’t think any adult is gonna pay a big chunk of money to find out the identity of a teenage girl” Hawkmoth: 👁👄👁

  • 2:03: How balsy do you have to be to marry into a family and then call people in that family a freak? Cinderella's stepmom: 👁👄👁

  • Trike 2 Dryo 4 Dryo 1 Diablo 3 Crest: Carno 1 IGNORE PLZ

  • lemme be honest, the gym scene was the most realistic part of the movie

  • 18:02 just ...

  • If they want to make a realistic high school movie, 75% of the dudes need to be wearing gym shorts everyday

  • Wtf why it auto correct so anyoing

  • Ali got to say is red ham ha bam bam

  • my name is gavin ha

  • I AM GREG.

  • Imagine your late to "Morp" and you walk into a sea of teens shouting that they're radio rebel.

  • Fucking munch much crunch it

  • 17:56 One guy : Yo Gavin, you’re the coolest dude! Other guy: Love ya Gavin That one weird kid: *Oi Gavin, fudge me-*

  • 1:08 Terra? Oh wait, no....no no no no nohohohooooo *remembers the keyblade war* why must Terra be Terranort

  • second hand embarrasing

  • Am i the only thinking of so undercover?

  • Proms/school dances are just you running around the gym for two hours

  • I am going to eat candy in school

  • poor Mr. Makouski

  • Why does the lead singer of the band look like the Oncler?😂

  • When terra is talking to her crush the first time they say there’s a band called first which is defo a ripoff off u2

  • got massive green day vibes for the song

  • Pretty gud concept tho 💩

  • No, I'M Radio Rebel

  • Random dude:YOUR HIRED YOUR HIRED *the next day* Boss: Welcome to working at a place that you get paid for eating Poop

  • So im the only one who liked the movie

  • E

  • 9:28 sus

  • He should react to miraculous ladybug

  • The chemistry is palpatine

  • That extra in the background of the p.e scene is honestly me in P.e 😂

  • the damn expressions have me dead, bruhh

  • I think their mp3 players were being taken during break time, not class and that's what made it unfair. Still a bad movie, just saying

  • I’m in middle school and I wear a suit to school

  • *No I'm radio rebel*

  • 9:28 Danny looks like he’s about to kill someone

  • radio rebel's step dad looks like dallas from payday



  • i made like 10 account to sub to u

  • why does it look like he has no nose but has a nose in the thumbnail

  • This was a whole 10 months ago

  • why does the main character never close her mouth

  • this entire movie gives me dork diaries vibes