How 2 Be Rich

Publicado el 25 sep 2020
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ESmain, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


  • I guess I’ve gotta stop hanging out with myself

  • “Yeah be like a villain, never chase a girl, be like Ted bundy” -Danny Gonzalez 2020

  • 8:38 bro the way he perfectly replicated the mannerisms of a motivacional speaker lmao

  • B.B.B Big Black Block

  • But I’m a girl/ I MEAN I AM A MAN TOTALLY

  • How to be rich fast Step 1. Don’t be straight

  • why and how did the g r e g sign fall off-

  • me 8

  • He should react to wild child

  • here are some actual steps to get rich She sells seashells on a seashore but the value of these seashells will fall Due to the laws of supply and demand, no one wants to buy shells cus there's loads on the sand Step 1: you must create a sense of scarcity; Shells will sell much better if the people think they're rare you see. Bare with me And take as many shells as you can find and hide them on an island Stockpile em high until they're rarer than a diamond Step 2: You gotta make the people think that they want 'em Really want 'em, Really fuckin want 'em, Hit 'em like Bronson Influencers, product placement, featured primetime entertainment If you haven't got a shell, then you're just a fucking wasteman 3: it's monopoly invest inside some property Start a corporation make a logo do it properly Shells must sell that will be your new philosophy Swallow all your morals they are poor man's quality 4: EX-PAND EX-PAND EX-PAND CLEAR FORESTS MAKE LAND FRESH BLOOD ON HANDS 5: WHY JUST SHELLS?WHY LIMIT YOURSELF? SHE SELLS SEA SHELLS SELL OIL ASWELL 6: GUNS, SELL STOCKS ,SELL DIAMONDS, SELL ROCKS SELL WATER TO A FISH SELL THE TIME TO A CLOCK 7: PRESS ON THE GAS TAKE YOUR FOOT OF THE BRAKES THEN RUN TO BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES 8: BIG SMILE MATE,BIG WAVE THAT'S GREAT NOW THE TRUTH IS OVERRATED TELL LIES OUT THE GATE 9: POLARISE THE PEOPLE,CONTROVERSY IS THE GAME IT DONT MATTER IF THEY HATE YOU IF THEY ALL SAY YOUR NAME 10: The world is yours Step out on a stage to a round of applause You're a liar A cheat A devil A whore And you sell seashells on the seashore

  • Being alone turns you into a floating business skull deity? I'm in

  • Danny: where all dude’s here right no girls here right? Me: 🙄

  • "theres no girls watching this, right?" danny i think we are all girls men other than you and drew dont really have a sense of humour

  • I’m offended because you assumed I was a boy, when I am actually a super rich boss man with a Lamborghini

  • “So you wanna learn about HelloFresh huh?” “TOO BAD GET LOST LOSER”

  • notifications on, i am truly *G E R G* 😎😎

  • "There are no girls watching this, right?" Me, being a girl: Imma rebel

  • How to be rich ask bill gates for money this is just a joke

  • Sorry bro, but hello fresh isn't taking out the prep work if my sweet potatoes aren't skinned and sliced, ill take 3

  • 8:03 do you like how i walk, do you like how i talk

  • the island actually went down in profit,,, it was way more beforehand (if you did the math)

  • But like being friends with Mr.Beast could be a real career path

  • You make my day 😊

  • no girls, right ? no girls. Me: Slaps on a mustacheeeee

  • I girl and boy and robot and airplane

  • Ok but let's just appreciate the fact that this video is exactly 18 mins long

  • “There is no girls watching this right?” Ummmmmmmm I’m here 👁👄👁 :)

  • I am a girl 🙄

  • Danny: w-were all dudes here right? Every single commenter: *nonbinary noises* hehe can't catch me fucko

  • Step 1. Be gay Step 2. Profit

  • I'm not a girl But I ain't exactly a boy either

    • I am a girl. But I ain't exactly not a boy

  • why do all the skits escalate so quickly

  • ' there's no girls watching this ' Me: hello

  • did you just call me a dude...

  • "You cant make money if you're dating a women" you heard it here, be gay

  • Wouldn't dying be the plan B though?

  • Does nobody notice that it looks like a tornado struck in the back round lol

  • "There's no girls watching this, right?" Me: *using ponytail as moustache* Uh ... No? "Okay, just making sure." Me: Phew...

  • im 9

  • O-of course im a boy heh, why would y-y-you even suggest such a s-s-silly notion heh...

  • danny: only dudes watching this, no girls right? non-binaries: :,c

  • i'm a girl and i own my own business 🤍

  • Lowkey Danny spoke facts when he said the people in your life can’t have power over you if you have no people in your life

  • wasn't expecting gender euphoria in the first minutes of the video

  • just another one of the dudes here, good video bro

  • you really could sound like john mulaney if you wanted to.

  • Does Danny not know that the never do it for free thing is from the dark knight?

  • "There's no girls watching this, right?" *sweats nervously*

  • "there's no girls watching this, right?" uh


  • H0w 2 b3 r$ch

  • These guys are Boss Ass Dudes

  • idea what if he makes a ting that we all have to pay one dollar for then idl

  • I cant get over the joker pictures gajeggsmrbsjrvkdhbtld

  • I watched followed all these accounts on my dads phone and he actually listened. My parents now have a divorce.

  • Clearly you never watched the dark knight

  • Is that a small poster behind Danny spanking himself

  • “We’re all boys here right?” Me being trans: CONFUSED SCREAMING

  • We are all dudes here right no girls? Me a girl: imma dudet so....No

  • Danny: we all want to be rich men Feminists: cancel him... NOW

  • "Only boys in this channel" welp..IM HERE FOR NOTHING

  • It's true though literally every girl I have seen in my life would wanna marry me if I was rich

  • It's true though literally every girl I have seen in my life would wanna marry me if I was rich

  • He is a man? Impossible

  • 0:49 what do I do (I'm non binary)

  • My 11 year old self has been waiting for somebody to teach me how to be Rich

  • So, be male, gay or alone, forget everything you know, abandon your friends for rich people, and then you’re set? Awesome, thanks. 👉😎👉

  • “If you’re good at something never do it for free” is a quote from the joker from the dark knight.

  • Pro Tip: Be gay Be rich

  • If there r girls Here u r Gregs now yourwelcome

  • yeah im a MAN 😎😎😎 iM A Ngirl

  • 0:57 gender? in this economy? oh goodness sweetheart no

  • Yes, indeed, I am, in fact, a man. 😁

  • “There’s no girls watching this right?” Me: hm, yes, no defiantly not.

  • The amount of gay in this comment section is just 😌

  • I actually misread this as "how 2 be reich"

  • Whatever do you mean Danny? Females don’t date poor people...we date rocks. Like physical rocks

  • Why are all these accounts do not know how to type or they make no sense? Wtf

  • Me as a girl Me: am I a criminal

  • ¨every girl just wants to distract you from your work and ruin your life emotionally¨ goddammit who told them it was supposed to be a secret

  • Danny: “There’s no girls watching this.” Me: *happy trans noises*

  • Why am I always laughing everytime I see Danny's vids 🤣🤣🤣

  • A lıt of tye photos they are shpwing about being single are from cristiano ronaldo whose married. And it is weird

  • You can't. Make money. if you're dating a w o m e n. Well, I have a simple solution: date a man! Can't go wrong there! :)

  • I am a girl


    • @joe Mama it's chill - and yes oml it's the most ridiculous funny movie

    • @rlynn my bad I misunderstood what you said. That movie is great tho

    • @joe Mama lmao I didn't say it was my movie we just discovered it on netflix and Danny has gotta watch it it seems like the type of movie that he would have some 💕 immaculate💕 commentary on

    • That’s not your movie tf you mean

  • 2:37 the beginning of an epic movie

  • Being a B.A.D person

  • When he does the sreaming voice he sounds like greyskull for heman

  • "There's no girls watching this, right?" Me trans mtf: Well... Kinda?

  • this is my comfort video

  • There are only boys in GREG

  • men: *need therapy* men: i HAte woman she stop me from being big rich

  • **laughs in feminine masculinity**

  • Elon musk is dating Mars

  • 6:03 one of my favorite of Danny’s skits

  • To quote Cher I am a rich man

  • 2:26-3:00 idk for me

  • Be gay get- monay?