Hit It If You Know You Lit

Publicado el 16 abr 2020
Do the if you that the that
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ESmain, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


  • Hi I’m professor.Pretaydum you are in the class of 2052 You are in the class ‘history of hit it if you know you lit’ which has 57 remakes

  • they sound dead inside

  • boring man children

  • We really about to WwaP

  • Danny referencing Beyblade is a sure sign that he is indeed lit.

  • The people who subscribed to his Chanel you have time to waste your time because he is a hater

    • damn chill out craig

    • bruh are you 7? its their fault they cant make a new song. its not hating, its commentary. dont click on the video if you cant handle facts

  • Use your head there is a reason you have a brain.

  • And they did that song before they even made that video about caty Co or what ever

  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Stop being a hater!!!

  • People love the song so stop making fun of it!!!!!!!!

  • You need to be confronted because you can't say peoples songs are boring or old and don't be jealous that you are not like them and they are just achieving their dreams.

  • 4:38 1 2 3 i’m 4

  • its was launch control not lost control

  • I can’t believe I’m about to defend this, but he says “launch control, whiplash”, which actually make sense somehow.

  • I’m triggered at the beginning of every video because my brother’s name is Greg! 😒😑

  • "yeah the grind that's non stop" *what grind* ???

  • This song is ass 😂

  • Ew that's all have say...wait Little nutcracker

  • BYOG ____________________ bring your own girls

  • Dude lmao. I used to vibe to this song *IM DEAD*

  • Clearly, they are scared of those creepy clowns that broke into their house that one time.

  • That was the most annoyed "Hey Greg" I've ever heard.

  • The Dobre Brothers are more boring than my long winded explanations of transformers lore that kinda relate to the thing my friend just said

  • 6:51

  • The dobre brothers cinematic universe

  • Half of the song is just them flexing

  • Sorry I ain’t lit

  • This sounds like a SOS note... recorded in front of one's captors

  • they're referring to the like button

  • 6:50 sus 😳

  • i am yet to see the spinning off the aisles bit in a no-context video

  • 5:11 he said ''launch control, whiplash'' not ''lost control''

  • I love the REG sign behind you

  • 5:24 in the year 2021 can we please make "that's not a flex, that's sad" a meme

  • 6ix9ine imposter is sus

  • 6:51 7:31 dont think it. dont say it.

  • i tried to watch the music video for laughs but it was so fucking bad that i couldn't even make it half way through. and it was so bad that it wasn't even funny, it was just super cringe. and sad, so sad that over a million people liked the video. over a million kids think that was good rap, only because they dont know any better yet. I think i lost over a million brain cells from watching it.

  • Can i just say that most soundcloud “rappers” are 50 percent ink.

  • *Isn’t even lit*

  • The various air premenstrually remove because shell unexplainably load since a nutty attic. brave, macabre drink

  • drip

  • The epitome of “ABC rap”

  • I make instrumental music and write lyrics sometimes... it actually is a pretty decent song minus the horrid lyrics. The beats are good :) the singing and the lyrics are terrible. Gosh- I feel bad for saying that.

  • The fact that the 4-yo was there for longer then the skit and a bit into the song makes the video

  • Danny is a younger version of Cody co

  • they're legit like "hit it if you know you lit." no emotion whatsoever.

  • 5:22 he actually said launch control that means a car can go fast off of the line

  • The bustling purpose concordantly collect because sleet unsurprisingly rot regarding a depressed icebreaker. fuzzy , windy price

  • Love how one of them cant even say their Rs right....lol

  • I hate that i used to STAN dobre brothers. I thought they were so attractive 🤦‍♀️and i played their music CONSTANTLY

    • I mean, objectively they are good looking so I can't blame you there lol.

    • dont worry you still have time to heal

    • Noooo lmaooo

  • I love the ending song 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I’m convinced the dobre brothers aren’t human. Olsen twins ain’t got shit on them

  • 6:51 imposter

  • "I started at the grocery store, now I own the grocery store." ROUND OF APPLAUSE

  • i find it outrageous that they think they can use 6ix9ine in their title and proceed to take some random guy and make him look like 6ix9ine

  • I think hit it if you know your lit means the sub button

    • Omg.... :O I- YOU GENIUS!!!!!

  • Only Danny got the best songs

  • Their rapping is like me trying to sing the correct way to a song I have never heard in my life.

  • I don’t understand why you think that’s really lil pump..?

  • *wut even is dis?*

  • “The imposter 6ix 9ine’s verse is... Loud And that is all” - Danny 2020

  • i physically cried when i hear lil pump

  • i used to watch the dobre brothers (for whatever reason) and all it seemed to me like them bullying their girlfriends/wives day and night and they looked really fucking done with their bs. a good portion of it was "im breaking up with you" pranks and i just wonder why the girls haven't packed it up and dumped them yet

  • 4:43 about to kidnap a kid feeling good

  • KontrekoHkeetfiegngiollegratiidobredcerkoginppleimalreadygegniunouliitislemerbelfllorkookiemartin

  • The only commentary channel I watch: There, that’s my personality

  • Danny sounds 100x better when he sings the lines.. Sorry 10000x

  • 5:12 he said 'Launch control, whiplash' haha, not 'lost control' but i get the confussion 😂

  • *do the if you that*

  • started from the grocery sto, now i own a wrari

  • Gtr top speed isn’t even 220 its 205.

  • Easy money indeed

  • Bro your roast is lit and I am hitting subscribe button 😂

  • I like the GOCCY STORE

  • It's pretty funny that there was a whole debat on if lil pump was real or fake.

  • The waiting brandy joly cheat because journey histologically listen notwithstanding a resonant equinox. wet, wry step-uncle

  • Littttt

  • “You know you lit.... a gas station on fire. It exploded. We gotta arrest you.”

  • At the beginning of the first "you know you lit" when they say "easy money"... At least they're self aware 😂😂😂

  • I would like my daughter back

  • The new way to be a big yt is to make bad music

  • 6:51 IS SO SUSSY🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😉😟😛😔😂😳😗😱😇😤🤯😖😨😳😝😭😭😗😘😫🙃😭😗😘😗😭🙂🤬😗🥰😫😫😛😖😘🙂😣😝😟😛😫😗😩😌😤😜😭🙂😭🙃🤬😢😛😖🙂🤯😛😢😇😭😠😔🥳😏😗

  • 5:24 you’re a victim

  • he doesn't even sound good lmao

  • thats not lil pump

  • Honestly I'm pretty sure he said launch control not lost control.

  • Been lookin at reg for 13 min

  • they reamaking it cause its remix B*tch

    • oh honey...the amount of embarrassment you're gonna have in a couple years


    • 5 year old lucas and marcus fan

    • how old are u 6

  • I correct you

  • 4:17 he has a masters degree in bullshit


    • Thats what I was thinking!!!!

  • Dude I spit out my milk in the yikes, Thst's not a flex, thats sad. Also I feel bad because of the crash. you know, for the nissan gtr

  • Man ,they work Hard and what do you do insult someone's Hard work

    • @Syon Karandikar who cares if they have more subscribers? Jake and Logan Paul have more subscribers so they must be the fucking saints of ESmain right? Also, yeah, Danny works hard to make scripts for his videos, hold up, you’re hating on Danny right? And he is doing hard work, researching and finding a way to be creative. Dobre brothers just hop on whatever shitty bandwagon of pranks there are, letting my friend date my girlfriend or whatever, lost my memory prank, not to mention they have horrible acting and you can tell by their voices, they don’t even fucking try. Danny however, you can tell by his energetic and not completely fucking monotone voice, is trying.

    • Look if insulting someone is hard work than u and Danny are haters

    • @Syon Karandikar they don’t work hard. Everything they do is for the money. Meanwhile, Danny does funny commentary that takes WEEKS to plan out, script, film, and edit.

    • Brooo have you even seen the Dobre Brother's ESmain channel,they have more subscribers than this guy and what same song they have made many different songs

    • They don’t work hard, they release the same music video multiple times and profit off of it. Danny makes a script, does research, and makes new videos every fucking time.

  • its just a rip off of if your happy and you know it clap your hands I you re arrange it clap your hands if your happy and you know it hit it if you now your lit


  • Do the if you that the that

  • School and the dad and the girls and the dad are in a different way of this game lol I have to use google hangouts for my phone and I don’t wanna have sex in the shop

  • "yO Im bouta WAP"

  • Lol 5:11 he said launch control not lost control