DIGTOK (w/ Drew Gooden and Kurtis Conner)

Publicado el 26 mar 2021
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  • You look like the son of mark zuckerberg and the first female android ever invented

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  • Hi I haven’t watched you since vine

  • I mean I think it is just a Discord call that they formatted later in the editing phase to appear as if it were on Zoom.

  • You drean

  • I’m sad that when they where saying all they use is digging metaphors for life that they didn’t say “you gotta dig a little deeper” as an example for that from Princess and the frog lol

  • Hey Danny, can you review this movie called "Hedgehogs" I would love to see you reaction from it!

  • Do a man hunt with face cam

  • The mom vs dude story is oedipus


  • Can you react to a movie called I kill giants is not good but its good

  • I tink noo

  • i hate your kind of content and that you sware that is bad i love your vids but it would be better if you did not sware

    • Dont be on youtube if your not okay with swearing

  • How does danny look younger every video

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  • I love seeing Danny laugh to the point where he falls forward; it makes me laugh a lot too :)

  • Anyone know the albums on drew’s shelf? all i can make out is “in rainbows” by radiohead

  • It’s hilarious how they all laugh the same bgsgngnddhdjfy

  • I have been Greg for 3 years awesome.

  • Mom vs dude hahaha

  • PAPA FRANKS BACK his new channel isTVfilthyfrank2 btw

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  • Please please please can you do a video on this show called big time rush. I know it was kinda popular but my brother is watching it rn and I’m just realizing how RIDICULOUSLY STUPID it is. Thanks! ❤️


  • danny i like your hair

  • this genuinly made me laugh so hard

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  • I love when y’all do videos together, one will crack an immature stupid joke and then it’s followed with giggling from the 3 boys...........I swear every single time lol, and I can’t complain

  • Danny you should make a app

  • Hey your that one Minecraft player / youtuber named tecnoblade

  • Your voice is like dream's voice but with voice changer...

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  • Hi can you to reactino morgz Leaving ESmain...

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  • this is really funny i love ur videos danny

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  • hi can you reaction to morgz (Documentary)

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  • My whole life is a lie who is George I see his face who is he

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  • i think the reason she threw her pickaxe at the fire hydrant was to try and break it so she could save them both from the rising water... that or she just wanted a challenge

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  • You should make a video on the vampire dog

  • Danny is deam

  • You should react to Drop Dead Fred, that shit was my childhood

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  • Danny I found the new game of sultans: Game of Khans.

  • I just wanna say...Danny came in to my place of work yesterday and he was so chill and humble...i tried not to fan boy but I did a little. Anyways it was super cool to meet him

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  • The room name was my best friends, I am very happy at that for some reason

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  • Please do not hate on these people, they're a happy couple.

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  • Fun fact: the zoom meeting says it only has 1 person in it.

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  • Who else thinks one guy looks like lazarbeam

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  • Those videos look like bad mobile games

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  • I just turned on notifications, I am truly greg. Love your vids.

  • This must have taken a lot of editing to put urself on the screen 2wice and pretend ur on a call

  • When u tryna be soothouse

  • i swear to god the second i finish this vid i go to the stories on youtube and the first one is something like this you cursed us

  • I know it has been a long time since we’ve seen each other, damn danny must never look in the mirror

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  • Drew Gooden has an In Rainbows LP

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