Commercials From My Nightmares (flashing lights 10:40-10:50)

Publicado el 12 feb 2021
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WARNING: Flashing lights from 10:40-10:50 sorry I forgot to include this in the actual video!!
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  • Video description: 10:39 - 10:50 Camera on a man and woman in bed at night OFF-SCREEN CRASH MAN gets out of bed and grabs TAC-BAT [V.O.] NICK BOLTON And, it protects you and your family in two ways! SCENE CHANGE to MAN on stairs holding TAC-BAT, INTRUDER at bottom of stairs. [V.O] NICK BOLTON Disorienting would-be attackers with his tactical strobe, MAN points TAC-BAT at INTRUDER, strobe light emits from TAC-BAT into INTRUDER'S face, disorienting him. Text on screen reads: Self-Defense Mode Cut to DANNY DANNY Ah yeah. Cut to slow motion of MAN pointing still flashing TAC-BAT. His face is distressed. Text on screen reads: Self-Defense Mode [V.O] DANNY Look at him; he's got the situation under control. Cut to DANNY, making exaggerated distressed face. DANNY (mocking) Ooh, go away! Aah! I tried to make this as cohesive as I could

  • Nutcracker!Danny is scarier than every horror movie I've ever seen

  • What I Like To Call Really ✨T O U G H✨

  • Wouldn't it be better to just use an extendable baton or something? Maybe something that doesn't brag about being "military tough" when everything the military uses is the bare minimum of like....toughness?

    • Also ffs, no one uses RFID sniffers anymore, why do wallet producers harp on about them so much?

  • The funniest thing about the tac razor has to be the fact that if you drop a regular razor into water it’s not going to break either

  • Corridor

  • Dont all wallets fit in your pocket ;-;

  • lol shave under water who does that

  • i laughed a lot at the last 7 words

  • dude make a mini horror movie already

  • Brilliant, just brilliant.

  • Is it just me or does anybody else would buy one of those tactical fleshlights?

  • Can we have nutcrackers? No, we have nutcrackers at home. Nutcrackers at home:

  • Let me tell you that wallet ain't fiting in anyone's pockets especially girls ones

  • yeah my grandpa is always in our pool he literally cleans it thats his food

  • Looking back, if you slow down the footage of the wallet getting shot with the arrow, it has a rubber tip. Somewhat conspicuous because I could even tell there was a slight bend at normal speed.

  • t a c t i c a l s h o v e l

  • Made from the strongest of metals, aluminum!

  • That Was DreamWasTaken's Voice

  • a knife on a bat is basically an axe right? maybe just a gun on an axe?

  • The whole video I’m dying laughing 🤣

  • when you said he might be at war with mars im like"he is at war with me mars"

  • Me waiting for 10:40 *waiting intensifies*

  • He should react to wild child

  • guys i just got the most tactical version of blue its called bluetac

  • I think this is the best video yet.

  • I am going Danny made me choke on my orange juice i nearly died sentence him to the death penalty

  • Danny: BANG BANG BANG BANG stab stab stab

  • dude that nutcracker thing is a legit good horror movie plot

  • Every kid cry after Santa isn’t real or tooth fairy Me: WAIT NICK BOLTON ISNT IN THE MILITARY?!?WHHYYYY

  • "I've got a tactical flashlight and a fat ass!"

  • dantical just sounds like you are describing your own testicles.

  • I know

  • It's funny to me how Danny must have a bunch of random, probably useless stuff he paid money for to use in videos once just lying around his house.

  • Turned notifications on. I’m Greg now

  • 7:35 HUH-

  • your bream no joke no skame

  • Last year I started naming things Greg I didn’t watch Danny at all and I had no idea that that’s what he calls his fans so I am officially becoming a fan just because of that

  • that visor thing seems kinda cool to me bc i wear glasses and can’t use sunglasses in the car

  • Nick Bolton looks like he would definitely disown his son for wearing pink

  • I'm pretty sure the arrow that hit the wallet was a rubber one, y'know, the ones with the sunction things at the end of them. I think anyway.

  • should act in a movie one day. A horror movie. That you wrote. Cause I would buy that. No, really. I would.

  • Yes, sometimes I'm out fighting in a war, I'm in the trenches getting shot at, when all of a sudden a beard just grows on my face and gets in the way of eyes and I stupidly forgot to bring my razor with me. Also women need to shave too, what about them? next they're gonna make trousers with army gun holders, it would stretch all down the side of your leg, say goodbye to sitting down

  • 😂😂😂 ur skits r so funny I love ur vids

  • 7:38 well that went well.......................

  • Entar aja komenya

  • you did a face reveal one April 1st


  • Is this promogramer?

  • IM A REAL BOY!!! Me:👁️👄👁️

  • 14:33

  • That nutcracker gave me honking nightmares 🤪

  • That nutcracker but actually scared the crap out of me

  • Tactical Dantical 😎😏

  • I have a custom keyboard that has your im gonna kill Santa thumbnail oh it😂(/^▽^)/ ಠ_ಠ

  • Please keep the nutcracker as a recurring character, that shit was terrifying and I loved it

  • 2:33 ehh that’s what she said ;)

  • 5:25 Nick Bolton doesnt need hearing protection because his ears are made of aircraft grade alluminum

  • We all know they put all their money in the commercials and forgot about the actual product

  • Ooooooor I could blind the attacker with the muzzle flash not the strobe light

  • "Light a tac wallet on fire and it just won't burn!" ...proceeds to burn a tac wallet

  • There are only 2 military tough tac-puppos in stock! Like to get one!!!

  • 14:14: "and even protects your credit cards". But wait. The scanner's flickering with red, meaning IT ACTUALLY DID REACT TO THE CARD but the dude probably was lucky not to have money on it. These commercials really try to fool people.

  • I’m a real BOY! Omg, you should be an actor🤣


  • I'm so disappointed in Danny. When advertising the tac-hamster he used a picture from the movie G-Force which is about spy guinea pigs not hamsters. I really expected more from him. Unless he is implying that guinea pigs are tactical hamsters, which I think I can get behind.

  • 10:56 now annie are ok

  • 10:51

  • 10:40 nice

  • 12:20 I love that the burning truck in the background is an unbearably fake looking prop

  • Stolen valor is a crime so they're so careful with dancing around it

  • danny forgot to wish us a great day. guess i'm having a horrible day now thanks /j

  • I know you might not see this but you’re like the only ESmainr I’ve ever seen who gives serious flash warnins. It’s really awesome and makes me happy. Happy and not get migraines that leave me blind and in bed for the next day or so.


  • DreamDreamDreamDreamDreamDream

  • 10:40

  • When are the tac hamsters on sale

  • 7:35..

  • We have an Imposter among us. He is green

  • Good to know that I'll grow gills when I join the Navy

  • Me and the navy guys shaving underwater

  • 10:40-10:50 do you want a seizure? Well here you Go!

  • Props to danny, the nutcracker skit at 7:05 was actually scary

  • The first thing that popped up in my head when I read attack was attack on titan.. Please bring me to therapy


  • 6:00

  • what is that sound effect used at 3:37 i need it now, that is such a cool effect what the hell

  • Thank you Danny. These videos give me a pick me up when I'm feeling down, and I'm super grateful for that.

  • video was suspressed

  • i might actually buy the tac wallet... 😂

  • hi dream



  • Danny's super power is when ever he wears tinted types of glasses he sees the real world

  • 10:40

  • I've seen this video three times and nutcracker danny never gets less scary

  • My dad just recently sold our Rubicon for a Mercedes-Benz, and I think my dad is trying to be nick Bolton

  • I mean you could buy a tacbat or like a long flashlight like the one we have at my house you can make the light smaller or bigger way better than the tacbat.

  • Isn't the tac visor just a polarized peice of plastic

  • Omg, I thought that I was the only one who’s hamster was cursed and every night a demonic spirit comes and takes over the hamsters body and kills everyone in the house. Wow, where can I actually buy the tec hamster tho