Billionaire's Son Trying To Be Relatable

Publicado el 31 ene 2019
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Bobby Misner may be the son of a billionaire, but he's just like me and you! He goes on lavish vacations, has a private jet, and never has to work! Wait... that's what normal people's lives are like right?
Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ESmain, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.
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Outro song:


  • Funny how Danny is also a millionaire

  • What's that song at 1:40? It's on the tip of my tongue

  • misfit esq

  • He has the ego of the fastest kid in year 4.

  • what does greg stand for

  • i am greg

  • Bobby misner is piece of turd🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • thats a cop btw... not a traffic officer... he can't do anything if your speeding or not obeying traffic regulation... and yes there's a difference in SA

  • That’s not a kick flip that’s a Ollie but he did it ina penny board?

  • Dude I literally want to fucking fight this dude he makes me so fucking mad

  • 4:10 Why does he look like a deepfaked animation when he talks.

  • I like sTaR WaRs to

  • It said "Who is bobby" and I got an ad for McCain Superfries

  • 28k comments. wow.

  • i love star wars like u dont even know

  • i think he bought 4k phones just to dislike this

  • Very rich good youtubers like Mr- Will smith

  • Holy shit I thought "I am Sophie" was supposed to be an exaggeration.

  • Ok yes cape town is a nice place but it isn't the place a person with a dad who sold his company for $300 million and lives i a huge mansion in Europe soooooooo

  • The "Its cold in London let get out of here." part looks like his a GTA V NPC

  • Them Bumblebee rip offs aint even convertibles son- cheap if ive ever seen it 🤧

  • I mean, he may have a lack of personality, but look at that god awful handwriting

  • So he's mrbeast

  • Isn’t his business basically Entertainment 720 from Parks and Recreation IRL?

  • Did you hear his friend say he is a floating head

  • Hey, here's some tips Maybe try not flexing like douchebags every minutes Try not be generic rich kids Maybe getting a personality And maybe don't pretend you're not spoiled He won't be a normal kid for same reasons normal kids won't ever experience his life: it's passed. Nobody care about him living his life and nobody buy his fake videos

  • I don't want to make my life anything like my favorite movie (which happens to be The Shining).

  • I love Danny ❤️😍

  • This video is a masterpiece

  • holy shit his handwriting is so bad

  • They just escaped the cops and left that one girl back there and she doesn't even care. What the heck is even happening?

  • "Why wouldn't you make it the best movie ever?" 1. That's kinda hard 2. A good movie has a threatening obstacle

  • the music is bompan tho

  • 5:27 My first thought was that this was Dora the Explorer just more awkward

  • 14:45 "Getting arrested in a foreign country is not very fun." Then maybe you shouldn't have been breaking laws in a foreign country, genius.

  • Bobby’s friend “your adopted” Danny “that’s mean” also Danny who makes videos about making fun of people and there work.

  • he's like that one kid who brings 30 dollars to a field trip when you're supposed to only bring 10

  • Your videos suck

  • Dude you talk way too much fucking annoying

  • Bro a kick flip are u serious it’s called an ollie

  • son of a b illionaire

  • We all know the reason there is no citation is because he quoted himself.

  • Imagine ditching the person who raised you for your whole life, for your rich dad that probably doesn’t even care for you. You don’t need to be rich to be happy.

  • y'all an ad just insulted my cups! 0w0💢

  • Poor guy where can I donate?

  • Hi Danny👋

  • I love star wars too danny 🙂

  • dollar dollar bills YALLLLLLLLLLLL

  • cody ko wanna be i feel like

  • I just noticed something slightly dumb I get this slight euphoria when he calls us Greg.. Cause It's a masculine name and i'm not out yet so i'm still used to everyone calling me by the erong pronouns and name.. And someone addressing me with something even slightly masculine just makes me happy...

  • No narcissistic traits round here 😛

  • Why do we have the feeling of shame if we have riches😎

  • “ im not like other girls, I like quirky things like *fast cars. Pretty women. Parties.* oh I’m so weird “

  • “A good filmmaker always leaves his audience questioning everything” Danny: that is a real Quote. Someone said that. Don’t as who. Me: u did

  • Question for u guys ,what would you do if you had 300.000.000 USD?

  • I hate myself for the fact that I only now realized that the blurred image was Star Trek's Data.

  • I gave you dislike, how do you feel about it? I feel meh, hope your day will be good

  • Bobby was so cringe lol


    • also george is british therye voices are nothing alike

  • I love the fact that this video has more views then the original video that he’s talking about 😂

  • Bobby: "Live life like it's your favorite movie" Me who's favorite movie is the Hunger Games: "Well, if you say so..."

  • My life is like a movie........... A sad depressing one

  • No matter who you are or who you're from, I think we can all agree that this lad is a bourgeois asshole

  • that one quote from the video is by roger ebert. idk why he didnt put that in his video

  • Oh, Yh. Saw this fella on JaackMaate’s channel.

  • I'm sorry Danny... But Drew is just funnier

  • if he likes fast cars so much, why doesnt he describe them? almost like he knows literally nothing about how a car works

  • Bobby looks like the mii I made in 1st grade

  • This is what you and most people would call ‘a sugar daddy’ quite literally... Xd

  • An example of being over confident

  • I have a curious question, does his dad love him or did his dad just throw money on him?- (no offense just curious)

  • Does Danny know about his future plans to go to London

  • 18:58 lol best outro ever

  • I completely understand the whole "rich kids are spoiled" stereotype and I think it's easy to make all their problems seem less important than they actually are. I think that would have been a good topic to talk about, but most try to brag at the same time, making their points seem obscured and not important.

  • Cheese.

  • as an australian, we don’t claim him

  • Anyone wanna talk about that totally fake accent that homeboy is throwing on? Every sentence starts out in Long Beach and ends in Bondi Beach.

  • 5 yr old me stole 10 cents:

  • DO THAT guy just a show off

  • im doing shit very shit

  • I would never ever ditch my mom Even if my dad became super rich i would feel so bad for my mom because she put so much effort to raise me

  • Lol hes so out of breath when hes walking down that alley

  • He looks like Todd Howard

  • I'm almost certain with that scene in the alley Bobby is on cocaine. At first I couldn't pick up what was weird about the vibe either but then I realised he's exhibiting all these little signs like the constant sniffing, those weird kind of pauses, the chewing on nothing I dunno if I had to guess I’d say it's coke lol

  • I really wish they would gotten arrested and put in a South African prison

  • Honestly his life sounds like a pretty boring dumb depressing movie I wouldn’t wanna watch. So I’ll stick with my low budget flick

  • He move to Monaco then got ran over by 1976 Ferrari 312T Drive by Jean Alesi at Monaco Historic race by Goodwood

  • 9:32 ,Theyre gonna miss my flight? shieet

  • He still practicing his english, too.

  • it wasnt a kickflip, it was a heelflip.

  • 5:16

  • 14:41 Well, they ditched the flag lady and she probably got arrested :o

  • 10:28 there was no one filming them, its one of those moving things in airports idk what their called lol

  • did he get stung by a bee on one side of his face and then try to fix it with Botox

  • STAR WARS___

  • I’d rather have a man who could let me have an interesting life, rather than a wealthy one.

  • Excellent video, couldn’t agree more

  • "he can't relate to anybody because he has such weird interests, *girls?* *E w g r o s s* "

  • This guy thinks he's living in the movie The Informers.

  • I love how they're in South Africa yet most if not all of the people I've seen are white