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ESmain is an American video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. Three former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim-created the service in February 2005. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; ESmain now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.


16:29The King Copycat of TikTok
The King Copycat of TikTokVistas 2,7 MHace 7 días
24:28The Kung Fu Panda Ripoff From Your Nightmares
26:15DIGTOK (w/ Drew Gooden and Kurtis Conner)
15:15Guava Juice Is Out Of Control
Guava Juice Is Out Of ControlVistas 3,1 MHace 2 meses
I'M BUILDING A BETTER BOYVistas 3,9 MHace 3 meses
BANGVistas 4,2 MHace 4 meses
16:54Why Did KFC Make A Romance Movie
Why Did KFC Make A Romance MovieVistas 3,1 MHace 4 meses
14:49Kung Fu.... Rabbit???
Kung Fu.... Rabbit???Vistas 2,4 MHace 5 meses
21:03Ultimate Balance
Ultimate BalanceVistas 3,3 MHace 5 meses
33:16I Made A Viral TikTok Song
I Made A Viral TikTok SongVistas 4,5 MHace 6 meses
2:44Spooky Man
Spooky ManVistas 2 MHace 7 meses
18:00How 2 Be Rich
How 2 Be RichVistas 3,3 MHace 7 meses
14:24Straight Up Bothering People
Straight Up Bothering PeopleVistas 3,1 MHace 7 meses
I'M LEMONADE MOUTHVistas 6 MHace 8 meses
1:45My Dad Is Rich
My Dad Is RichVistas 3,1 MHace 9 meses
13:26Maybe The Worst Prank
Maybe The Worst PrankVistas 3,3 MHace 9 meses
18:56POV I'm Your Vampire Dad
POV I'm Your Vampire DadVistas 5 MHace 9 meses
23:18"Up" But Everything About It Is Bad
17:02Joker TikToks Stop Please
Joker TikToks Stop PleaseVistas 6 MHace 10 meses
20:19Wish Dot Com
Wish Dot ComVistas 7 MHace 11 meses
I'M RADIO REBELVistas 9 MHace 11 meses
16:16How 2 Be Healthy
How 2 Be HealthyVistas 4,6 MHace un año
13:26Hit It If You Know You Lit
Hit It If You Know You LitVistas 3,5 MHace un año


  • im wearing drews hoodie

  • OMG this happpened to me

  • whatchu know bout rolling down in the deep

  • why do they look like their gonna have explosive diarrhea-

  • I dont understand why people are interested in vlogs

  • Dudes cringe as. Lol, I'd rather be a nerd than watch him.

  • Your math is better than Biden

  • It looks like he's wearing lipstick... ( 0:44 )

  • my dad has broken his back and he is walking fine

  • So nobody's gonna talk about how cute he is?

  • The fact that my father asked me to watch it and I watched it with him half way through-

  • Who was the guy recording? Lol. 6:57 .

  • 1:13 What are those other fics on the side?

  • I don't know why, but the guy in the back at 13:42 is exactly how I imagined Neumen when he recorded the voice message.

  • Damn, Danny's eyes are about to make me act up

  • I love energy drinks... When a girl I low-key had a crush on was like "hey, wanna bang?" ... Yeah, it kinda shorted my heart out for a second. But then she laughed and gave me a can, and now whenever I see them, I remember her. ... Also they're gross. I like Nos way better.

  • hELP LeT ME GO

  • "He's 7ft tall and 100 pounds" That's concerning...


  • 📞🤨YA

  • 😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

  • its may and its been 2 years , this is still a bop

  • ???

  • AAA


  • YA

  • Mmmmmmm

  • Me, a Castle Swimmer fan: o-o Siren?



  • Wheres sapnap


  • The three kingsman of commentary

  • Danny: Ooooo Yay! I get to get naked and run around in the street Laura in the other room: !!??!?!?!??

  • now i know where the song came from

  • Funny how Danny is also a millionaire

  • are we not gonna talk abt how there's a plain george washington memorial guarded by a frog

  • aw yes the infamous troom troom SAW episode

  • /\

  • wait so is no one going to talk about how at 1:20 he says "her friends are in the back" and turns out her only friend is the nutcracker


  • askfguivgskvgwkgclweagcjadglkwe,iowegifweiuweiu. ogwefgewiougweofeow???!!! oiwgifweukfgwufwefgewkjfgkenfcvdskf mavfhavcgewkjvamcga,vfkewjgvcjsdcmshlkvsggkjsgkvsdvkjdhkgsjmvskjvsjkvbsjkhclksbvksdhvsjkvskjvjshvs,msyfgksdcsdhfkusgkfschgakjmcfsdgvksjtfucsd?????????????

  • 1:13

  • This is why tiktok is deadly. Everyone steals everything till they get famous then they steal more and more so they see their bank account expanding........... the Jake Paul to the Logan Paul compared to youtube

  • Danny is the modern day Bill Gates

  • Ayyo why does Candy Ken looks like Miu Iruma from danganronpa V3,lowkey look like her dont u think?

  • Raisins it’s the water built in, that would be grape!

  • wait i zone out sometimes and im not sure if i did during this video or not and the last time i watched it was in 2020, so i don't remember, was it ever said who kidnapped drew or is that just a mystery

  • Oh fuck what a clickbait gonna report this shit

  • CORRECTION:wrong

  • Wait my name is caleb

  • he sounds like john mauleny

  • yall at every start of the video it says that this is fake and its made for "entertaintment"

  • If they don’t do the “A O” song on the tour I will literally die

  • Jesus Christ that song was fuckin amazing

  • 6:43 BRO IM DYING

  • I need your sauce Mr Fridge 🌝

  • Hi Javier 🙋🏼‍♀️

  • CORN BOAT! $100!

  • The move titanic stole the reality of titanic

  • its obvious everything is fake

  • I really wish I would of found this 5 years ago 🥺😂 this is amazing

  • im sorry did she say that guy ordered the "spicy fatty (patty?) and crisp spaghetti" what the fuck are those

  • I want to be boxboy *IM ALREADY BOXBOY*

  • Offbrand jj watt

  • Why is this my comfort video lmao

  • Only can watch the video in space

  • Danny am I truly greg I did the stuff I need to know

  • The music, the akward silence and repetition gave me bioshock 1/2 vibes.

  • Guys.. Guys.. Guys.. Googly eyes guys... He's got it guys. GUyS!!!!

  • 19 million... I’m sad that my guess was so close it was a joke

  • It’s basically one stupid person who comments something distorted and then the influx of other stupid people believing it and spreading/copying that message

  • Y'all if u Google who is the fastest growing army on you tube it shows u Danny's channel

  • 2021?

  • 13:34-13:40 concerns me a little bit LMAO

  • “I’m very close to beating minecraft” -Danny Gonzalez 2021

  • *sweating* Yup I’m a dude. Don’t worry about it.

  • imagine just your neighbor dancing around singing about a christmas hit list...